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7 ways a modern workplace can benefit your Sydney business

Today’s workplace is a very different environment to the rigid office spaces and culture that existed only a few decades ago. The modern workplace continues to evolve in order to meet the demands of both employers and their employees, creating a more flexible way of thinking that is far more efficient and productive.

Working environments today are created by diverse workforces, meet new challenges and are more responsive to change. Let’s take a look at the ways a modern workplace approach can benefit your Sydney business.

What is a modern workplace?

The modern workplace is a broad term that most people believe is about digital tools and how to use them in the work environment. A modern workplace is more than just tools and software, it is first and foremost about the people in the workplace.

Organisations that adopt a modern workplace ethos are committed to making decisions to empower employees to do their best work. Technology has become the most effective tool to enable this but the modern workplace experience is founded on mindset, communication, culture, and so much more.

A modern workplace recognises it is not necessary for employees to be tied to an office workspace to be productive or effective. It is the optimal work environment that enables employees to collaborate, share information and data, and perform their tasks as efficiently as if they were sharing the same location.

The modern workplace is powered by modern technology, which can transform the way employees interact with their colleagues, their digital tools and business data. Technology, particularly cloud-based solutions, allows traditional work practices to be transferred from an onsite office location to anywhere in the world, without creating organisational silos and enables unparalleled flexibility.

1. Unmatched communication

Modern workplace solutions such as Microsoft Teams enable employees and employers to communicate and collaborate efficiently with each other in locations around the world in real-time. Microsoft Teams ensures that work progresses and projects don’t get lost and keeps your team updated on the latest changes to projects, workflows, processes and company information. Enhanced communication and collaboration across all the departments within an organisation leads to increased connectivity and workflow, from the C-suite through to finance, management and human resources.

2. Enhanced productivity

Modern workplaces contribute to efficiency and productivity in many ways. With solutions such as Microsoft 365, employees have improved access to files and information, and tasks and workflows can be automated and help users finish their work more efficiently. Whether it is simple file-sharing or ensuring one record of customer information across systems, the modern workplace connects, simplifies, and streamlines processes.

3. Improved employee experience

Today’s organisations take advantage of modern technology solutions that allow employees to work in a way that best suits them, thus creating a positive connection to the company, a healthy company culture, and improving employee retention. Customer experience has often been achieved at the expense of employee satisfaction and this can lead to high turnover in certain departments or even across the entire enterprise. Keeping employees satisfied means considering the tools they need to use to feel more connected and have a bigger impact on the future of the business.

4. Lower costs, higher profits

Thanks to technological advances, a modern workplace is efficient and productive. Reduced travel, quicker time to market, quicker customer response times, and faster and more effective decision-making all contribute to the reliability, mobility, and productivity of technology. These advantages save time and money and boost revenue and profits.

5. Sustainable workplaces

Sustainability in the business world has come to the fore in recent times, and is considered to be one of the most important goals for business leaders to achieve. Sustainability in the workplace encompasses how we use and dispose of technology in the workplace to reduce its impact on the environment. The modern workplace enables remote work practices that reduce commuting transmission, a major contributor to pollution. By choosing cloud solutions that are built with sustainability in mind, such as Microsoft Azure, your business data centres are carbon neutral, making the migration from on-premise solutions an excellent way to boost your business’ sustainability initiatives, while ensuring your employees are benefiting from reliable and secure connectivity.

6. Improved security

The digital workplace is more secure than ever before. Cloud services are built with multi-layered and integrated security to ensure data is protected and data privacy is top of mind. Today’s approach to cloud security protects networks, data, applications and systems, as well as employees with identity and access management, and mobile device management, to remove the physical barriers to secure business technology.

7. Agility

Adopting new technologies and tools as part of a long-term digital transformation has enabled organisations to become modern workplaces that are nimble and agile, adapting quickly to changes in their industry or globally. This increases business opportunities in the short and long term, and overall brings about the best of the modern workplace services and solutions to benefit your business.

Reach your modern workplace goals

It is an exciting time for businesses to embrace the different opportunities to improve their processes and implement new technologies to make the most of the modern workplace. If you are looking for an IT partner with the experience and ability to empower your Sydney business, whether you need support implementing Microsoft Modern Workplace or fresh ideas on how to manage services to create a more sustainable work environment, the IT consultants at Virtu can help.

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  • Justin
    Posted September 26, 2022 at 10:43 pm

    One big hurdle companies have to fix is the lack of adequate training. How can you make use of the latest technologies when no one is interested in organizing or attending training sessions? Not all programs are easy to figure out from the first couple of minutes…

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