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A Good Night’s Sleep enabled by Technology

This retail mattress company is proudly a B-Corp certified business, upholding their commitment to the highest global social and environmental standards. The organisation creates premium furniture and mattresses that are thoughtfully designed and generated by efficient production and supply chains that care about its impact on the environment.

The client’s product line is renowned for being constructed from technologically advanced, modern polyurethane foam, alongside innovative materials such as Charcoal infused memory foam and SENSOPOLE fabric, enabling ultimate comfort and support. Their vision is creating quality furniture that provides long lasting value and comfortable use in the lives of every customer. Offering 120-night sleep guarantee and a five-year warranty on all sofa beds sold, they are rated number 1 in Australia by consumers.


Virtu has been the client’s preferred IT solutions provider since 2020, assisting them with a range of software licensing and End User Computing requirements. Experiencing immense growth and customer demand with global expansion plans meant that the client was faced with some key IT challenges which needed to be addressed with Virtu’s services. This included the following:

  • Application Sprawl: Lack of internal policy on accessibility and restriction across application usage for employees. The organisation had over 100+ SAAS applications which uncovered management challenges in their plans for stable, sustainable long term growth.
  • Security & Compliance: Global market expansion also brought upon increased risks, particularly around cyber attacks. Additionally, complying with privacy and data laws outlined in several countries meant that the client  required operations with greater scrutiny in regards to their security posture.


Ultimately, Virtu assessed the requirements and proposed the following Google solutions:

  • Introducing standardisation through the Google Workspace platform which reduced the range of applications being used by employees and streamlined the management, monitoring and support that could be delivered to their growing team and clients.
  • Much needed upgrades were made across their meeting rooms, now equipped with the Google Meet solution to enable meeting equality across their conferences and meetings.
  • Reduced costs of employee devices by migrating to Google Chromebook devices, which have true sustainability in mind. Many of the Chromebook models selected were made with recycled materials and built to last, with ease in customising, repair and upgrade.
  • Provided security consultation and review of existing infrastructure and risk assessment to help more effectively monitor risk of future intrusion, malware and attacks.


Virtu was able to create a customer-centric, cost effective solution for the client that lowered the cost of their IT hardware and reduced the complexity of their license management. The client’s licensing solutions have been further enhanced across a range of their preferred brands.

Recently, Virtu has been able to provide further cost saving value for the client by negotiating a Google Workspace licensing agreement which provided the organisation with over 56% savings. The option of quarterly Microsoft licensing agreement which is typically only offered monthly and annually, was also provided due to Virtu’s unique, value-driven technology partnerships. Additionally, Virtu has delivered reduced licensing costs for the client’s annual Adobe licenses.

By identifying key priorities within the client’s organisation, Virtu has been able to build a trust-enabled, streamlined approach to the client’s ICT procurement, particularly across their licensing portfolio.

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