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About Virtu

Creating sustainable growth with technology to create a better tomorrow.

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"Today as Virtu, we recognise our commitment to this new vision and mission, paving the pathway to our future growth and sustainability focus. We're here to empower people and organisations in pushing the limits of sustainable growth, to ultimately bring lasting transformations to our Planet, People and Communities. "

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Virtu is Australia’s Sustainable Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Solution Company, providing a diverse range of sustainable technology solutions and services to clients in order to assist them in achieving their long term business growth goals. We are here to Empower People through Awesome Experiences and Sustainable Partnerships. By doing so, we aim to bring positive impacts to our Planet, People and Community.

We offer Consulting Modern Workplace Security Cloud Wireless Networking Server and Storage Managed Services Apple Device Enrolment Program Interactive Learning
solutions to achieve sustainable growth for your orgnisation.

Our Vision

“To empower people and organisations in pushing the limits of sustainable growth”

Our Purpose

“Virtu exists to deliver Awesome customer experience and help our clients achieve Success through Technology”
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Why choose Virtu?

Virtu’s number one value has always been the customer success and experience. We always deliver on our promises. This was how Virtu in it’s very early days was able to onboard leading enterprise companies with over 1000 staff. These organisations are still with us more than ten years later.

From our famous 10 minute response time to hand delivering urgent projects & products outside business hours, we find solutions and solve problems, not simply apologising and giving reasons or excuses as to why we can’t deliver. This is ingrained in our culture.

As we continue to grow, we will stay true to this original purpose, and strengthen it with official controls and measurements such as ISO9001. Virtu will always nurture a culture of true service and innovation which is imbedded in everything that we do.

What to expect with a Virtu experience

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Sustainability Mission

Virtu aims to lead by example and take the right initiatives to make a lasting positive impact for the world. Since our founding in 2008, we have continued to uphold our social responsibility by implementing various sustainable practices, policies and partnerships within and around the business. We’re here to create a greener future for all. Most recently in 2022, we were certified as a HP Changemaker in the Amplify Impact Program and received the Sustainable Impact Award at the HP Annual Partner Awards Night.

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