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Our Sustainability Mission

At Virtu, we're all about delivering Awesome Experiences and industry leading solutions to clients. The same passion we have for our clients, inspires us to drive positive impacts on our environment, people and community. Join us on the journey.

We are dedicated to creating a sustainable future. Virtu’s sustainability mission is to Empower People through Awesome Experience and Sustainable Partnership. We believe that we achieve this mission by having virtue, going above and beyond, building impactful relationships, growing and focusing on what we can do through innovation to bring sustainable long term outcomes in protecting our planet, empowering our people and supporting our communities.

Our Journey as Virtu

Virtunet was founded in 2008 with the concept of bringing enterprise IT solutions to small and medium businesses. Fast forward to 2022, our business model has evolved to cater to the diverse requirements of SMB and Enterprise organisations across various industries and sectors. Most recently, we have undertaken major brand refresh, now known to the public as Virtu. The rebrand aligned with our strategic shift towards sustainability and security forming key focus pillars for our business moving forward. This is because as a business, we recognise the vast challenges facing the environment, individuals and communities today. Virtu is here to create that solutions that help build a better tomorrow which all of us can thrive in.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a company, we aim to help drive meaningful change across three sustainability pillars – Planet, with an emphasis on climate change; People with an emphasis on human rights and social justice; and Community with an emphasis on bridging the digital divide. Virtu is committed to continual growth and improvement within their business practices and long term objectives to help drive sustainable, positive impact.

Our Planet

Virtu is committed to supporting the development of a more efficient, circular and low-carbon economy which ensures a better future for all. We aim to deliver a sustainable portfolio of technology, services and solutions for customers to enable growth of sustainable business. Let’s create lasting, positive change for our planet.

Our People

We value the people within and around our organisation. Virtu aims to continuously respect human rights and enable people across our value chain to thrive and cultivate a diverse, equitable and inclusive culture. Let’s engage and empower our customers and employees, activating sustainability, resilience and growth in the workplace.

Our Communities

Since its founding in 2008, Virtu has empowered communities through the power of technology. We aim to eliminate the digital divide that prevents people from accessing the tools and resources needed to thrive. If you are interested in being a part of Virtu’s Charity Client Community, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our Planet

Over the years, Virtu has upheld commitments to being a sustainable company which implements numerous sustainable practices, policies and initiatives within and around the business. 

Virtu works closely with industry leading technology vendors that place sustainability as a key priority across their product and service range, value chain and business model. We readily seek more opportunities to reduce our environmental footprint and manage our energy consumption and digital waste.

A sustainable future is our vision and we ensure we keep our team updated on the latest sustainable insights and tools through these partners, to ensure we can provide ample opportunities for you to access ethical brands and solutions.

You can trust that as a partner, we truly value and empower your organisation’s sustainable business growth, working effectively to identify technologies which can create an end-to-end solution that not only elevates your IT resources but helps to ensure a meaningful impact is made on our environment, people and community. Lead by example. Take the initiative. Make an impact on the world.

Our People

We take a proactive approach in raising awareness about sustainability and inspiring our clients and prospects at our unique events which showcase leading brands and technologies. In addition, Virtu’s sustainability vision has continued to be a focal point in our value- add propositions across our winning business proposals and client engagements. This combined with Virtu’s approach to E-waste management and recycling programs to manage the collection and redistribution or disposal of internal IT assets for customers, are key sustainable practices we are committed to.

Day to day, Virtu values the harmony of a positive culture and empowerment through technology to bring the best for all individuals and organisations. That is why as a company that values people, we are supportive about the empowerment of our employees and the development of a healthy culture and collaboration network which honours diversity, equality, fairness and inclusion. 

We elevate our employees in their professional growth journeys, to ensure they can continue to offer the best solutions and services for our clients.

Our Communities

Virtu has also been to known to take a proactive approach to volunteering and fundraising events including clean up days and charity missions which support our local communities and planet, whilst also creating meaningful opportunities for our employees to get involved and have a voice. 

Alongside internal staff training, certifications and qualifications which keep our team up to date on the latest sustainable technology insights, Virtu readily ensures compliance is maintained when it comes to environmental laws and regulations and sets goals for further performance improvement. We’re passionate about making a difference and excited to share our vision with our partners and clients. This is just the start of the journey in what can be achieved.

Virtu Sustainability Goals

Improved energy efficiency in office spaces with installation of LED lightbulbs that are recyclable and produce lower CO2 emissions.

Investing in Tesla company vehicles to reduce carbon footprint and emission generated from business travels.

Virtu creating Sustainable Impact through IT

HP Amplify Impact 5-Star Changemaker Partner

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HP Amplify Impact Changemaker is designed to extend impact on climate change, human rights and digital divide. We are proud to be qualified as HP Amplify Impact 5-Star Changemaker Partner.

As a company, we aim to help drive meaningful change across HP’s three Sustainable Impact pillars – Planet, with an emphasis on climate change; People with an emphasis on human rights and social justice; and Community with an emphasis on bridging the digital divide. Virtu is committed to continual growth and improvement within their business practices and long term objectives to help drive sustainable, positive impact.



Discover other Sustainability Awards & Recognitions


Virtu was awarded the newly founded HP Sustainable Impact Winner in 2022. The award recognised Virtu for excelling at providing innovative and unique HP technology, services and solutions to help customers solve digital transformation in a sustainable way.


Virtu was awarded the HP Amplify Impact Sustainability Business Partner of the year. We were nationally recognised for achieving the highest percentage of sustainability influenced sales in 2022.


For two consecutive years, Virtu has been recognised as a HP Amplify Impact 5-Star Changemaker Partner. The program is designed to extend impact on climate change, human rights and digital divide. 


Virtu was awarded the HP Life Market Partner of the year. We were recognised for having the most employees complete Sustainability certifications in 2022.


Virtu was recognised as a Schneider Electric Sustainability Impact Award Finalist in 2022 which showcases partners who are leading the way in sustainable practices, renewable energies and decarbonisation.


Virtu has completed the Cisco Environmental Sustainability Specialisation in 2023. This enables our employees to better understand the lifecycle management process, and build and deliver services that are tailored to clients.

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In October 2022, Virtu launched Blocktober, our first non-for-profit organisation established with the mission of raising awareness about cyber crimes to protect those in the community who are considered “most vulnerable”. Virtu defines these smaller sub communities as the elderly who are less familiar with technology, young children navigating the unlimited world of social media, the Indigenous community, individuals with disabilities and the lonely looking for romance and kinship.

Virtu aims to do our part to give back to the diverse people in our communities, and provide tech resources, support networks and understandings to enable greater awareness about cybersecurity and mental health. Let’s create a safer, brighter future for all. That’s Virtu’s commitment.

Charity Client Community

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The Virtu team acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the land where we work and live. We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging.
We celebrate the stories, culture and traditions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders of all communities who also work and live on this land.

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