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Our Sustainability Mission

At Virtu, we're all about delivering the right solutions and Awesome Experiences to clients. The same passion we have for our clients, also motivates us in driving positive impacts for our planet, people and community.

Our Journey

Lead by example,
take the right initiatives,
make a lasting positive impact for the world

Virtunet was founded in 2008 with the concept of bringing enterprise IT solutions to small and medium businesses. Fast forward to 2022, we’ve grown significantly, undertaking a major brand refresh, now known to the public as Virtu. The rebrand aligned with our strategic shift towards sustainability, security and sustainable IT solutions as key focus pillars for the business.

Virtu continues to uphold our social responsibility and sustainability commitment by implementing various sustainable practices and policies within and around the business. We have taken part in various volunteering and fundraising events including clean up days and charity missions. This combined with Virtu’s approach to offering recycling programs for old devices, as well as the collection and redistribution of internal IT assets are key sustainable practices implemented.

Alongside internal staff training and external information sessions with our clients to drive awareness around sustainability, Virtu readily ensures compliance is maintained when it comes to environmental laws and regulations and sets goals for further performance improvement. In addition, Virtu’s sustainability vision has continued to be a focal point in our value- add propositions across our winning business proposals, innovative customer events and various marketing campaigns.


HP Amplify Impact 5-Star Changemaker Partner

HP Amplify Impact 5 Star Changemaker Partner

HP Amplify Impact Changemaker is designed to extend impact on climate change, human rights and digital divide. We are proud to be qualified as HP Amplify Impact 5-Star Changemaker Partner.

As a company, we aim to help drive meaningful change across HP’s three Sustainable Impact pillars – Planet, with an emphasis on climate change; People with an emphasis on human rights and social justice; and Community with an emphasis on bridging the digital divide. Virtu is committed to continual growth and improvement within their business practices and long term objectives to help drive sustainable, positive impact.


Virtu is committed to supporting the development of a more efficient, circular and low-carbon economy which ensures a better future for all. We aim to deliver a sustainable portfolio of technology, services and solutions for customers to enable growth of sustainable business. Let’s create lasting, positive change for our planet.


We value the people within and around our organisation. Virtu aims to continuously respect human rights and enable people across our value chain to thrive and cultivate a diverse, equitable and inclusive culture. Let’s engage and empower our customers and employees, activating sustainability, resilience and growth in the workplace.


Since its founding in 2008, Virtu has empowered communities through the power of technology. We aim to eliminate the digital divide that prevents people from accessing the tools and resources needed to thrive. If you are interested in being a part of Virtu’s Charity Client Community, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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In October 2022, Virtu launched Blocktober, our first non-for-profit organisation established with the mission of raising awareness about cyber crimes to protect those in the community who are considered “most vulnerable”. Virtu defines these smaller sub communities as the elderly who are less familiar with technology, young children navigating the unlimited world of social media, the Indigenous community, individuals with disabilities and the lonely looking for romance and kinship.

Virtu aims to do their part to give back to the diverse people in our communities, and provide tech resources, support networks and understandings to enable greater awareness about cybersecurity and mental health. Let’s create a safer, brighter future for all. That’s Virtu’s commitment.


Charity Client Community

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Virtu becomes Major Sponsor of Leading Independent School

Recently, Virtu signed a sponsorship agreement with one of Australia’s leading educator providers. Located in Victoria, the independent all boys school offers a specialised curriculum and support network to ensure their students become effective learners and successful young men of the future.

We are excited about this Education partnership and committed to ensuring excellence in IT products and services are continually delivered, particularly during these unprecedented times.

The Virtu team acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the land where we work and live. We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging.
We celebrate the stories, culture and traditions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders of all communities who also work and live on this land.

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