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HP Sustainability

HP Innovation against Plastic Pollution

Reaching greater sustainability goals.

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HP's sustainability efforts create a better world for people and the environment

HP is a leader in corporate sustainability and takes their environmental commitment seriously. Their sustainability impact initiatives acknowledge that environmentally friendly practices need to make sense from a business standpoint, to encourage companies to achieve their sustainability goals while boosting profitability.

By committing to developing products that support and emphasize climate action, you can be sure HP is helping your organisation reduce its environmental impact. HP focuses on having a positive impact on the environment in three areas: co2 emissions, forests, and a sustainable circular economy.

HP has taken its environmental responsibility seriously since the launch of HP Planet Partners as part of HP’s effort to recycle and reuse plastic. Planet Partners has recycled 916 million HP ink cartridges, 127 million clothing hangers, and 5 billion post-consumer plastic bottles thus far. These materials are used to create new HP ink and printer cartridges.

HP is committed to going carbon neutral and using 100% renewable energy in their global operations by 2025, and they’re ready to go further to reach greater sustainability technology goals.

Continue the commitment to sustainability goals and climate action

HP has renewed its dedication to combating climate change, recycling almost 1 million kilograms of plastics destined to end up in our oceans into over 50 HP products, including monitors, cases, and laptops. 75% of HP’s products and packaging will come from recycled, renewable, or reused products by 2030.

 As well as collecting and recycling plastics bound for the ocean, HP has also achieved zero deforestation for nearly all of its paper and paper-based packaging and is investing in forest restoration and protection beyond its plastic strategy.

With their commitment to reducing plastic waste polluting our oceans, HP makes it easy for your business to choose sustainable products every day.

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Helping businesses protect the earth with sustainable products

The success of HP’s sustainability goals depends on building strong relationships with partners, suppliers, and communities. These commitments acknowledge the work HP is doing to protect the earth and forge long-term strategies and processes that are environmentally sustainable.

Virtu is proud to be an active participant in HP’s Amplify Partner Program and HP’s corporate responsibility efforts, which seek to alter the world for the better. With Virtu as your preferred IT service and solutions provider, your business can benefit from our partnership with HP to access sustainable tech and ethical products and services. 

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