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Sustainable HP Products

HP Products with Virtu

Sustainable IT products for a sustainable business future.
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Sustainable HP Products

Sustainability is more than just a pipedream with HP & Virtu

Access sustainable technology

Leverage a quality security stack

Make collaboration a breeze

Improve your device experience

Enjoy premium, long-enduring portability

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HP has strong sustainability initiatives, and they work hard to act on them on a global scale. As a HP Power Partner, Virtu endeavours to ensure that we are part of the positive impact and change that HP is having globally by providing businesses in Sydney and right across Australia with HP technology that is both the highest of quality and environmentally friendly.

Like HP, Virtu is also committed to making a positive impact on businesses, people, the planet, and communities, and we do this by helping our customers to improve their bottom lines and create a more sustainable future with technology that is not only highly functional but also highly ethical.

Sustainability is not only about the environment and the quality of life, it’s about business, people, communities and well-being. Virtu has an unwavering commitment to making a positive impact on our customers, our employees, our community, and the planet, and we are proud to be HP’s partner in this effort.

Bringing innovation to life with the HP Elite Dragonfly series

In a world of relentless innovation, small ideas can be the ones that ultimately bring about change and progress. In this respect, the HP Elite Dragonfly series embodies the virtue of “small but mighty” innovation. The HP Elite Dragonfly is a truly innovative concept. For one thing, it’s a fully-functional laptop that folds up into a tablet – and then collapses back into a laptop again. But it also delivers a host of other innovative features and traits: an ultra-thin chassis that delivers superb mobility, all-day battery life and an ultra-high screen resolution. All of this makes the HP Elite Dragonfly series a true pioneer in the world of computing innovation.

HP has gone above and beyond to deliver the best combination of mobility and functionality when it comes to the Elite Dragonfly series. The device itself is a marvel of engineering. The chassis is incredibly thin – but it still offers an impressive 13.3-inch screen, as well as a full-sized backlit keyboard and a numeric keypad.

It is also part of HP’s sustainable technology range as the entire Elite Dragonfly series has been produced using plastic waste that was destined for the oceans. To make this product and others like it, HP has reused over 60 million plastic bottles that would otherwise have been discarded as waste.

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HP Pavilion: Combining mobility and style without compromising substance

The Pavilion laptop range is the perfect balance of mobility and style. With its lightweight aluminium frame, it is ideal for students and professionals who want a laptop that can handle daily tasks without weighing them down. Available in a variety of colours, the Pavilion laptops are both stylish and functional.

The range features a durable keyboard that allows you to type effortlessly. The backlit keyboard lets you work in low-light environments without straining your eyes, and the touchpad allows for easy navigation.

They also come equipped with ports, including SuperSpeed USB ports and an HDMI port, meaning you can connect a monitor or HDTV to the laptop and display it on the massive 15.6-inch screen. Additionally, if you need to power accessories like a mouse or printer, you can use an available USB Power Delivery port on the side of the device.

The Pavilion’s sleek designs make it easy to carry around from classroom to classroom, home to office, and everywhere else in between, but more importantly, the range supports your individual and your business’s sustainability goals.

The Pavilion range is just one of many HP products that have been produced from sourced plastic waste. By producing technology that uses previously discarded plastic, HP is ensuring their social and environmental commitments are on track by giving businesses across the globe the opportunity to buy more ethically and environmentally friendly technology products.

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Inspire both intelligence and envy with the HP Envy range

If you want a laptop that delivers incredible performance without compromising on design, then the HP Envy range is a great choice for you. The powerful processors and SSD storage options mean that it can handle even the most demanding tasks with ease. You can also connect to 4K displays and projectors thanks to the connectivity options in this range.

Furthermore, this range of laptops offers stunning visual design as well as an incredible display. With models like the HP Envy 14, you can even use touch-screen technology to increase your productivity even more. All in all, if you’re looking for a laptop that will fit into any environment with ease, then look no further than these fantastic laptops.

HP’s Envy laptops are also part of their sustainable range of technology, meaning they have been produced using plastic waste that would have otherwise ended up in our oceans. HP has sourced and used over 60 million plastic bottles for their technology production, so by purchasing HP for your business, you can be assured you are getting high-quality technology with a low environmental impact.

Helping businesses leverage technology to achieve their sustainability goals

Virtu is a leading IT service and solution provider to businesses both in Sydney and across the nation. We strive to help our clients make the most of their technology in ways that are both useful and environmentally friendly.

We are a major HP partner in Australia, and we work hard to ensure that we are helping our customers not just with their technology needs but also with their sustainability goals. We believe that by providing technology that is both highly functional and highly ethical, we can help businesses put themselves on the path to a more sustainable future.

We are constantly developing ways in which we can work with our clients to help them use the most efficient technologies available, while also making sure they are reducing their environmental impact.

It might sound like a lot of work, but it’s important work, and we’re all about getting it done. We are proud that we are leading this effort in Australia and hope you’ll join us by choosing Virtu as your IT partner!

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