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Aruba K-12 Education Network Solutions

Is your network ready to bridge the digital divide and connect every student to their education?

Trust Aruba K-12 Education Network Solutions in driving better IT efficiencies and outcomes for your schools. Book a Consultation today!

Aruba K-12 Education Network Solutions

Empower learners & enable learning with
Aruba K-12 Education Networking Solutions:

Learning environments are constantly changing. Every day, more schools and educational organisations are embracing digital learning by issuing student devices, creating smarter spaces for interactive learning and implementing campus safety initiatives. Aruba and Virtu can help you deliver education anywhere, enhance collaborative learning environments, and support student, staff, and faculty safety initiatives.
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Explore Aruba K-12 Education Networking Solutions

Smarter, more secure networks start with these products.

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Gateways & Controllers

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Zero Trust

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Benefits of Aruba K-12 Education Networking Solutions

Aruba creates a stronger, modernised networks for elementary, middle, and high schools.

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A flexible, modern network for student success

Unlock student potential and create a smart campus. Learn how Aruba ESP (Edge Services Platform) improves student and staff experiences and safety, protects your devices and data with Zero Trust Security, and automates your network with AI-powered management tools.
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A predictive, unified platform

Adapt to ever-changing circumstances and address new digital and education demands as they arise. Create a smart campus while keeping everyone safe. Get the intelligent networking power you need with Aruba ESP, our next-generation, cloud-native architecture.
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Flexible consumption & operations

Alleviate network life cycle planning and budgeting in a single, all-inclusive network-as-a-service (NaaS) offering through HPE GreenLake for Aruba. Access Aruba ESP K-12 solutions through a monthly cloud subscription for flexible consumption combined with the vast resources of HPE.
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K-12 Funding

Define goals, optimise your network, and maximise your potential funding. Let’s work together to utilise the funding available to upgrade and maintain your network infrastructure.

Wireless Access Points

Boost IT, user, and IoT experiences with enterprise connectivity that’s intelligent, fast, and secure.
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Aruba wireless access points types:

product access points

Indoor access points

When performance and simplicity matter, Aruba APs support AI capabilities, the latest Wi-Fi 6 standards, and multiple form factors for deployment in any environment. Ruggedised models also support extreme temperature and humidity requirements.
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Outdoor access points

Aruba outdoor APs provide seamless connectivity for large public venues, as well as pop-up sites and loading docks. Point-to-point wireless options provide Wi-Fi mesh backhaul and 60GHz speed to adjacent buildings.
product access points

Remote access points

Set up a temporary site with a solution that’s easy to deploy and manage. Aruba access points are automatically configured, so users can just plug them into any existing Internet connection and they’re ready to go.

Gateways & Controllers

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High-performance network access, security, and resiliency for the campus and branch across WLAN, LAN, and SD-WAN.

Aruba gateways and controllers types:

Hardware & Virtual Appliances


Mobility Conductor

SD WAN Virtual Gateways

Network Software


Enjoy performance and operational simplicity for school and district networks with simple network design and unify management.
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Find the right switch for your school:

switches product data

Access and Aggregation Switches

Securely connect users and Wi-Fi 6 access points, power IoT devices, and find a range of performance, port counts, and modular flexibility to support all your deployments.
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Campus Core and Data Center Switches

Reduce risk, improve efficiency, and ensure networks are always available with cutting-edge hardware, cloud-native operating systems, and intuitive management tools.

Zero Trust Security

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Full visibility, control, and enforcement with a built-in foundation for Zero Trust and SASE frameworks.

Protect the Edge with Aruba Zero Trust products

Based on Zero Trust and SASE framework, Aruba provides an edge to cloud security solution to meet the changing security landscape.

Client Insights, an important starting point for Zero Trust, delivers the visibility and intelligence needed to address the risk of unidentified and unmanaged devices on the network.

Authenticate, authorise, and enforce secure network access control with role-based network policies based on Zero Trust Security.

Delivered via Aruba Central, Cloud Auth extends Aruba Central’s ability to provide a cloud-based NAC for authentication, authorisation and enforcement.

Zero Trust with Dynamic Segmentation leverages user and device identity to set role-based IT access permissions enforced by the network infrastructure–independent of how or where the connection is made.

Aruba Central NetConductor automatically configures infrastructure to deliver optimal network performance while enforcing granular access control security policies that are the foundation of Zero Trust and SASE architectures.

Edge- and cloud-based security controls to preserve the performance and cost-effectiveness of your cloud and broadband connections. Protects LANs and WANs from internal and external threats.

Provide the same level of protection in the home as in the office. Solutions feature military-grade encryption, policy-based access control, and cloud management.

Next-generation role-based user, device, and application policy enforcement firewall (PEF) provides centralized Dynamic Segmentation functionality for wireless and wired access security in any Aruba environment.

RFProtectTM software prevents denial-of-service and man-in-the-middle attacks, and mitigates over-the-air security threats.

Aruba Central

Simplifies IT operations, improves agility, and reduces costs by unifying management of all network infrastructure.
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Cloud-native services for any-sized school network

Built for enterprise-grade resiliency and security, while simple enough for small organisations with limited IT staff. A single pane of glass for all.

Unified and automated configuration workflows, Zero Touch Provisioning, and a mobile installer app for fast installs of new devices or sites.

Reduce MTTR with industry-first time travel, entity-centric navigation, and scalable topology visualisations.

Preempt issues and continuously optimize networks with automated anomaly detection, assurance indicators, dynamic baselines, and peer benchmarks.

Easily onboard users and clients by quickly uploading allowed MAC addresses and/or by integrating with your cloud identity stores.

Intent-based UI makes it easy to create granular policies at scale, automatically mapping user roles to proper access privileges.

Discover and classify all connected endpoints, including IoT devices, using built-in machine learning and dynamic profiling techniques.

Monitor the health of IoT infrastructure and seamlessly deploy new services via an integrated app store.

Pull data into leading IT solutions such as Splunk or ServiceNow to automate processes with event-driven actions.

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