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Shape the Future of Learning with
BenQ Education Solutions

Enhance engagement inside and outside the classroom with interactive solutions tailored to boost student performance.

With BenQ Education solutions, your school can focus on creating impactful lessons that equip tomorrow’s leaders with the necessary tools to unlock their full potential.

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Interactive Board

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Smart Displays

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benq for education


BenQ Interactive Board

Teach with confidence knowing all the classroom tools you need to give great lessons are always a tap away.

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Inspiring minds in every classroom with BenQ interactive board

BenQ Education understands that every teacher has their unique teaching style. That’s why our interactive displays offer a wide range of options to accommodate diverse teaching methods. Whether you prefer to annotate on the screen, use the interactive whiteboard, or integrate content from the internet or the cloud, BenQ Board has you covered. Our displays empower educators to deliver impactful lessons that cater to the individual needs of their students.

Here's how BenQ boards can empower your classroom:

Make lessons more dynamic for students to improve learning retention.

Enjoy easy navigation with a user-friendly UI designed for teachers and students.

Control your laptop from the display or use the many powerful built-in features.

Easily monitor and manage all BenQ devices with ease on a single dashboard.

BenQ boards are equipped with ClassroomCare® with features including germ-resistant screens and pens, built-in air quality sensors and also comes with low blue light and flicker-free technology 

Give impactful lessons every time using EZWrite, a powerful and intuitive whiteboard packed with educational features. Double teaching efficiency by using the whiteboard and supporting content from the internet or the cloud side-by-side.

Increase student engagement by making participation fun. Let the class wirelessly cast their screens using InstaShare, play learning games on Kahoot!, and enable groups to interact on the BenQ Board with multi-touch recognition.

Easily switch to online learning when needed using the EZWrite cloud whiteboard with Google Classroom integration. Designed for uninterrupted education, BenQ Boards​ are compatible with all leading video conferencing software.

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BenQ Board Pro

Equip your students with BenQ’s best interactive display designed to help them learn proactively, think creatively, and interact safely.

benq for education

BenQ Board Master

Transform the way you teach with a powerful interactive display that makes lessons immersive for students while protecting their health.

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BenQ Board Essential

Have all your teaching essentials at your fingertips with an interactive display designed to make classes healthier and more engaging.

Smart Displays

Striking audiovisual experiences on campus or in class with non-touch displays.

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Bring immersive audiovisual experiences to your school with BenQ Smart Displays

BenQ Education recognises that every educational space is unique, which is why our smart displays are designed with flexibility in mind. With ergonomic designs, these displays can be easily mounted and installed in various settings, offering an optimal viewing experience for students and educators alike. No matter the layout or requirements of your classrooms, BenQ smart displays seamlessly adapt to your needs.

On campus

Post instantly

Create, post, or schedule content for multiple displays

Manage remotely

Set power schedules and monitor device status

Use anywhere

Ergonomic design for flexible mounting and installation

In classrooms

Plug & teach

Multiple connection options for different devices

Share freely

Wireless screen sharing for untethered presentations

Go hybrid

Large-format display for video calls and remote lessons

benq education

Pantone® Validated Series

Show off the very best versions of presentations and projects. Whether it’s for science, art, or history, images stand out with 4K clarity and eye-catching colors.

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4K Smart Display

Use it in classes or as on-campus signage. The ST series presents images and videos in 4K clarity. With its own OS and versatile screen sharing and media playback options, it’s all you need in one display.

DLP Projectors

BenQ DLP projectors with advanced dustproof technology create a long-lasting clear projection that maximises student engagement.

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Get long-lasting crispy image with BenQ DLP Projectors

BenQ DLP projectors offer an unrivaled visual experience, delivering vibrant colors and sharp details that bring educational content to life. With dust proof and advanced image processing technologies, our projectors ensure optimal visibility even in well-lit environments. Students can enjoy immersive learning experiences, where complex concepts and intricate visual details are easily discernible, fostering greater comprehension and engagement.

Here's how BenQ projectors empower your classroom:

An ingenious anti-dust accumulated colour wheel sensors prolongs optimal performance by repelling dust from blocking the IR signal and cause flickering, abnormal colours, or even shutdown.


IP5X certification and BenQ’s exclusive dust-proof testing guarantee that DustGuard projectors with sealed light source (for LED and Laser models only) and filter are well protected from dust in any environment.

DustGuard Pro on Laser models offer even more advanced protection with a sealed engine that eliminates any chance of dust contaminating the projector’s key components. 

BenQ Education Projectors maintain perfect long-term picture quality by its industrial-grade DLP technology to eliminate color decay.

BenQ DLP projectors feature class-leading high fill factor, minimising black borders around each pixel to eliminate the dreaded “screen door effect”, producing superior definition and clarity in small-size text and fine details.

BenQ Education Projectors offer a wide range of throw distances and flexible mounting options. Short-throw models effectively eliminate distracting shadows and glare for better learning.

BenQ DMS Local is Device Info and Management software based on windows OS. IT dept. can control multiple displays at a time via LAN.

BenQ Interactive Classroom Projectors empower collaborative learning through pen or finger touch in the fun of learning; enable teachers to access files and open apps from the built-in system without using laptops; and offer long-lasting colours and efficient ways of presentation for teachers and students.

benq education

Auditorium Projector

With attention-grabbing laser picture performance, teachers can focus on effective teaching with well-delivered messages.

benq education

Interactive Projector

Transform your modern digital classroom into a boundary-free collaborative learning environment with smooth writing on the projection.

benq education

Smart Projector

This all-in-one smart station gives teachers the ability to make blended learning or hybrid learning simple and effective.

Device Accessories

Get everything you need for your BenQ Education displays all in one place.

Browse BenQ Education accessories:

Shape the future of learning today with BenQ Education Solutions

#Did you know? Virtu offers installation services, cabling service, e-waste management, decommissioning of existing devices and site survey.

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