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Client Success Stories

Reading a case study before starting a business is always good. It gives you a much clearer picture of the domain you are about to jump into and also motivates you to keep going and have patience with your initiative.

In this section, the latest news and articles on IT Case Studies will provide you with some interesting insights into the latest developments in the IT industry.
Through these case study articles, you can gain knowledge about what should you do and what you shouldn’t do when starting your IT company.

BI Worldwide hassle-free green solution

“Our DaaS streamlines management and support and takes away the admin work that consumed my team. We can now constantly run the latest OS and software packages and keep a modern deployment ongoing. We have happy employees,” Jen says. “And we expect even greater outcomes from our continuing partnership with Virtu.”

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Metro Assist makes IT Green

Metro Assist provides a range of community services including migrant settlement, family support and early intervention, financial support, tenancy services and community development. Their service area includes Ashfield,

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