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Cloud-to-Cloud Backup for all of your business-critical data

Protect your business-critical Microsoft 365 data with Cloud-to-Cloud Backup. Secure your organisation from the damaging impact of data loss while ensuring regulatory compliance and improving your workforce’s productivity in the cloud. 

Businesses using SaaS applications believe their data is safe because it’s in the cloud.

Only 13% of IT professionals know they’re solely responsible for backing up data for SaaS application.
35% wrongly assume their SaaS vendor is <br>responsible for data protection.

Like many other SaaS providers, Microsoft has a Shared Responsibility Model.

This means they are responsible for securing the infrastructure, and the customer is responsible for the securing the data itself.

Saas Vendor Responsibility

Your Responsibility

To keep your business-critical data safe, Microsoft, Google, Salesforce and others recommend using a third party solution to back up your data.

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“Point in time restoration of mailbox items is out of the scope of the Exchange service.”

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“We recommend that you use a partner backup solution that can be found on the AppExchange.”

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“An administrator can restore a user’s Drive or Gmail data for up to 25 days after the data is removed from the user’s trash. . . after 25 days, the data cannot be restored, even if you contact technical support.”

It’s up to you to close cybersecurity gaps that can cause data loss.

Carbonite™ Cloud-to-Cloud Backup can help

Native Limitations

Without retention policies, deleted items
disappear after 30 days

File versions are not isolated recovery points so when an active file is deleted, all other versions are as well 

Recovering from a litigation hold is possible, but there isn’t a way to run a granular search

Your Responsibility

Automatic backups of Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Salesforce, Box and Dropbox

Granular restores or
cross-user / site restores

Advanced search and filter options help restore individual items or entire mailboxes in a snap

Application protection in the cloud

Proactively protect your SaaS applications

Carbonite™ Cloud-to-Cloud Backup provides a comprehensive solution to protect your cloud applications and data.

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Experience the tangible benefits

Improve productivity

Improve productivity with fast recovery for reduced downtime costs and seamless
business continuity

Experience the tangible benefits

Secure Microsoft 365 data

Secure Microsoft 365 data with unlimited AWS S3 backup and recovery from
any point in time

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Experience the tangible benefits

Ensure compliance

Ensure compliance with GDPR, HIPAA, FINRA and CCPA with secure and encrypted backup

Compared to SaaS vendor’s native data protection capabilities, Carbonite is:

Faster, easier and more reliable

Restores single items or entire sites

Complete backup and recovery for Microsoft 365, Dropbox, Box, Google and Salesforce

Supported platforms

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One element to making your business cyber resilient

We can help support your business lifeline .
OpenText Security Solutions brings together best-in-class solutions to help your business remain cyber resilient. Together, Carbonite and Webroot can help you prevent and protect from threats happening in the first place and help you comply with changing regulations. 

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