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AI Powered. Cyber Resilient.

Data Management.

A modern approach to cyber resilience for hybrid and multicloud environments.

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About Cohesity

Cohesity DataProtect is a high-performance, software-defined backup and recovery solution designed for the cloud era. Designed for hyperscale, it offers the most comprehensive policy-based protection for both traditional and modern data sources.

DataProtect converges multiple-point products into a single software that can be deployed as on-premises or consumed as a service.

Ransomware attacks are increasing and pose a serious threat to businesses in all industries. Defend against attacks with Cohesity’s immutable platform and machine learning-based early detection. 

Transformational, Yet Radically Simple

Cyber Resilient Data Management for Hybrid and Multicloud Environments.

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Simplicity at Scale

Manage everything in one place, expand with ease.

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Zero Trust Security

Detect, protect, and rapidly recover from ransomware attacks.

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Powered by AI

Improve decisions and act faster with built-in smart capabilities.

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3rd Party Extensions

Leverage marketplace apps or integrate with industry-leading solutions.

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Modern Challenges Need Modern Solutions

Your data is a uniquely valuable resource and can be a significant competitive advantage. But the more data you have, the more complex it is to manage. And with rapidly increasing ransomware and other cyber threats, your data – and business – is more vulnerable than ever.

Technology should work harder and smarter for you, whether it’s reducing complexity, keeping your business secure, or delivering more value. Juniper innovates to build next-gen data management solutions that help you stay ahead of modern-day challenges. 

Power Your Future with Next-Gen Data Management

Data management has been holding us back instead of powering us on. We don’t need more single-purpose tools for all those silos. What’s worse? This patchwork leaves us more vulnerable to ransomware. Technology should work harder, faster, and smarter than that. Don’t be held back. Power your future with next-gen data management.

Protect Your Business from Sophisticated Cybercrimes

Get started with Next-Gen Data Management.

Speak to our Virtu specialists today to discuss how Cohesity can reduce TCO, simplify your data management and protect against ransomware.

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