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Your safest choice


Crush ransomware and protect your endpoints, servers and critical data. Whether you’re a leading enterprise or small to medium sized business, Malwarebytes has you covered.


Cybersecurity. for every one.

Solutions that make your cyberprotection rock solid

Malwarebytes Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

• Deploy quickly and manage with ease
• Detect, isolate, and remediate threats
• Threat hunt and rollback ransomware

Malwarebytes Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

• 24x7 Alert Monitoring
• Remediation YOUR way
• Threat Hunting
• Skilled MDR analysts

Malwarebytes Vulnerability and
Patch Management

• Easily assess vulnerabilities and
prioritise patching
• Effectively identify and understand risks
• Reduce costs and effort

Business cyber security challenges

Escalating threats

Over 68% of firms suffered recent attacks and 80% were unknown “zero-day” threats.

Zero-day detection

Almost 60% of firms need zero-day detection, but high false positives are a key concern.

Complex solutions

More than 61% of firms say complexities and limited staff are significant challenges with EDR products.

Your safest choice

Malwarebytes Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

Cross-platform threat prevention and remediation for Windows and Mac.

Malwarebytes EDR seamlessly integrates with and is compatible with most other endpoint security solutions, including Microsoft Defender. It’s easy to deploy and manage through the Nebula cloud-based console and will uniquely detect suspicious activity and isolate processes and networks to mitigate damage.

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Malwarebytes Endpoint Detection and Response for Windows and Mac can easily replace or augment other endpoint security solutions, including Microsoft Defender.

• Non-disruptive, role-based access, deploy within minutes
• Lightweight endpoint agent, robust integrations
• Intuitive cloud-native management console


Malwarebytes EDR uses unique Anomaly Detection machine learning to not only detect known threats, but also find unknown “zero-day” threats.

• Granular isolation for processes, networks and Windows desktops
• Collects detailed threat information for analysis and investigation
• Proprietary Linking Engine removes executables, artifacts, and changes


Malwarebytes EDR offers remote worker optimisation, industry-leading efficiency, high return on investment (ROI), and low total cost of ownership (TCO)

• Guided threat hunting to search for Indicators of Compromise (IOCs)
• 72-hour ransomware rollback for Windows workstations
• No performance impact, uses an order of magnitude fewer resources

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Malwarebytes Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Constrained security teams need an easy, efficient, cost-eeffctive way to detect and respond to threats.

Malwarebytes Managed Detection and Response provides powerful and affordable threat detection and remediation services with 24×7 monitoring and investigations, purpose-built for resource constrained IT teams.

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24x7 Alert Monitoring

As a 24/7 global security operations center (SOC), Malwarebytes monitors and investigates alerts across customer endpoints day and night, rapidly triaging the most critical threats.

Remediation YOUR way

Malwarebytes MDR Team can actively remediate threats as they are discovered OR provide highly actionable guidance for your team to follow in their own remediation efforts. It's your choice.


Malwarebytes MDR Team hunts unseen threats based on past indicators of compromise (IOCs) and suspicious activity observed on endpoints.

Skilled MDR analysts

Malwarebytes security experts are accomplished threat hunters and incident responders with decades of combined experience triaging and mitigating complex malware threats.

Industry Leading technology

Malwarebytes Vulnerability and Patch Management

Understand risks quickly and strengthen defenses across your digital ecosystem.

Customers of Malwarebytes Business Solutions recognise the value of being able to detect threats and thoroughly remediate infections. The Malwarebytes Vulnerability and Patch Management modules extend these capabilities, enabling your organization to see more deeply into your digital ecosystem to uncover vulnerabilities and swiftly respond to these threats— all from the same platform you use to remediate infections.

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