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Transformational security and networking upgrades for leading NSW school

NSW’s top private school has selected Virtu as an IT Solutions Provider for Education technologies. Known for their academic excellence and exceptional teaching and learning outcomes, the co-educational, non-denominational school recognised as one of the top 5 in the state, recently approached Virtu with a requirement for technology that could transform their school environment and allow young talent to grow, learn and excel.

After conducting an assessment of both indoor and outdoor school spaces, the client discovered a particular area for improvement. The staff, faculty and principal observed potential blindspots and quiet places within the school grounds that could pose as safety concerns if left unsupervised or unmonitored. Virtu was engaged to provide a solution that could enable  a safer, more secure learning environment for the client. This also aligned with the school’s commitment to effectively enriching the health, safety and wellbeing of all their students, staff and visitors.

In addition to the physical spaces indoors and outdoors at the school, the client also had requirements to improve the network stability, support and connectivity for classroom lessons and school administration. A device refresh was also requested for the design faculty at the school. In total, 3 particular areas were identified as priorities for the school’s IT innovation plans:

1) CCTV upgrade and installation

Schools across Australia have increasingly spent more time and investment improving their CCTV security systems. This is because it ensures an additional layer of security for both students and teachers, allowing for ongoing monitoring and reporting of any suspicious activity.

Virtu provided the school client with top-grade CCTV system upgrades to monitor important areas such as entrances, hallways, car park and shared spaces. In total, more than 70 units were successfully integrated across the entire school. Virtu provided the school with an end to end security solution that entailed a site visit with provision of project management, hardware, licenses and services.

This large scale project of delivering CCTV upgrade solutions was completed by Virtu with minor disruption to class lessons. Additionally, Virtu ensured the project was completed to industry standards, particularly as the client emphasised the importance for the school’s security camera systems to meet Australia’s compliance requirements.

The school was able to experience the following benefits with Virtu:

  • Risk Assessment: After conducting an extensive site visit, particularly vulnerable areas were identified to be improvement with Virtu’s CCTV installations
  • Enhanced Security: Latest CCTV solutions provided ongoing surveillance, deterring intruders and reassuring parents, teachers and students
  • Real Time Threat Detection: Increased ability to identify threats quickly and allow for effective response by the school
  • Improved Student Behaviour: Fostering a positive and safe school environment for all students that improved learning outcomes and healthy school engagements
  • Legal Compliance: The school highlighted the importance of the new security implementations abiding to regulatory requirements to prevent issues with privacy laws regarding surveillance
  • Camera Location: Virtu was able to provide extensive consultation and site inspection to review ideal location for placement of CCTV units

2) Cloud Based Solutions

Alongside their CCTV requirements, the client requested a refresh to their cloud based solutions including switches, routers and firewalls as well as access points. Virtu reviewed the client’s networking infrastructure to improve the network support and ensure stability across delivery of learning, administrative tasks and communication outcomes.

Virtu was able to assist the client with reliable and secure wireless connectivity alongside protection from threats including intrusion attempts, malware and phishing. In addition, cloud-based management became a simplified process for the school with the addition of real time analytics through an optimised dashboard. After consultation with the on-site IT team, VIrtu was able to find the right products and solutions for the client which would create a more connected and effective digital environment.

The school was able to experience the following benefits with Virtu:

  • Scalable Infrastructure: Virtu was able to address the school’s growth requirements and helped to scale their network solution requirements, supporting the integration of future technologies and increased number of devices
  • Reliable Connectivity: Reduced issues relating to connectivity within classrooms, offices, administrative areas and learning facilities by ensuring reliable WIFI coverage and support of increased number of devices used
  • Enhanced Network Performance: Improved speed of data transfer within network, delivering seamless access to digital resources, effective online meetings and productive collaboration to create a more engaging educational environment
  • Robust Security: Protection against cyber threats, safeguarding sensitive importation including student records and private staff details at the school
  • Simplified Management: Network configuration, monitoring and maintenance was simplified which improved the workload for the client school’s IT staff and minimised network downtime

3) Device Refresh

The client school was looking to purchase some new devices to assist students, teachers and various departments at the school. Particularly, the school was looking for powerful devices such as all in 1 computers which were compact, easily transportable, convenient and innovative. The client school advised that the computers were to be mostly used in the design faculty rooms for computer generated design classes. Virtu ensured that the school’s requirements for these devices, size of table space and class program, alongside other criteria were clearly understood before recommending solutions.

The school was able to experience the following benefits with Virtu:

  • Bulk Purchase: Virtu provided Education pricing for the school’s bulk order request to provide a cost effective and long term solution with device renewals for the school
  • Access to Innovative Devices: Virtu was able to provide insights into new features introduced for classroom devices which allowed students and teachers to engage in more creative and transformative lessons as required
  • Improved Productivity and User Experience:  Up-to-date devices run more efficiently and provide better performance for all Education requirements

Virtu has been able to lead key IT projects for the school to improve their overall security posture, school reputation and educational outcomes. Due to the excellent quality of service and expertise Virtu has provided, the client school has advised future projects to be completed in 2024. With plans to open another campus in Sydney, the client school has indicated a requirement for further CCTV units to be installed and serviced alongside new devices and classroom accessories. Virtu looks forward to strengthening the partnership with the client school and continuously providing key tools that will transform their Education environment.

Virtu Events

As one of Australia’s leading IT solution providers that prioritises customer experiences, we pride ourselves on our ability to conduct Awesome events at iconic venues with memorable themes. Recently, the school client attended Virtu’s 15th Year Anniversary at Taronga Zoo, Sydney and shared positive feedback about their experiences discovering the diverse range of vendor sponsors, unique event program with the native wildlife and the brand’s sustainability vision embedded throughout the celebratory night. Virtu always looks for new, creative ways to empower our clients and share the latest technology insights that can help achieve their long term organisational goals. We are proud to support the client school in transformative growth by providing the latest technologies, events and solutions. 

If you’d like to find out more about our events, explore our Virtu Events Video Archive here.

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