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Virtu EVO 2023 – Sustainability, Innovation and Security

2023 is passing by at an incredible pace. However, that doesn’t mean we slow down!

On the 19th May, Virtu held our much anticipated event EVO to celebrate the growing synergy between sustainability, innovation and security. A day to remember at the thematic Green Moustache which displayed a diverse range of greenery from floor to ceiling around the venue, we welcomed over 100 guests to one of our biggest events of the year. Our goal was to create a festive networking celebration to inspire customers and their organisation’s unique sustainability journey.

In partnership with twelve industry leading technology brands, Virtu introduced the latest eco-friendly products and solutions to broaden the horizon of thinking around sustainable growth. Full line up of sponsors included: AMD, Cisco, DLL, Google, HYCU, Lenovo, ManageEngine, Microsoft, Schneider ELectric, STM, Targus, ZAGG. These brands were hand selected as Virtu partners with strong sustainability messaging at the core of their own brand, operations, products, solutions and services, capturing the critical message and vision of EVO.

Virtu EVO Event 2023

Virtu EVO Event 2023 @Green Moustache

After our sponsors each presented a 1 minute pitch about their brand’s sustainable offerings for our EVO event, guests were able to immerse themselves in an atmosphere of innovation and fun, entering a range of Sustainability Zones designed by Virtu including – Zero Waste Park, Green Living Lounge, Conscious Consumption Corner, Mindful Community Hub and Carbon Neutral Paradise. Each Sustainability Zone was home to a range of sponsors where customers could discover the latest range of innovation to transform their organisation and workforce.

Additionally, at the EVO event, customers got hands on completing a range of challenges throughout the Sustainability Zones including a Bike & Blend challenge where they had to race each other to create a fruit smoothie – with the fastest time record on the board! The competitive edge of our guests also came out to play at other table challenges like the ECO Island challenge which required individuals to flick a marble across the length of the table and successfully enter the Green Zone without their marble falling off the table.

In popular Virtu tradition, we also had a Photobooth challenge with guests which brought some memorable snaps. Creativity and fun wasn’t just for posing in our photobooth challenge of course – it also defined our Walk-Around-Sustainablogger. The Sustainablogger, visually represented as Virtu rep wearing a green top hat and interactive brainstorm board, was a vision which invited customers to come forward and write their biggest tech questions for 2023 as they walked around the venue throughout the event.

As a harmonising message to mark the special day of the EVO event, Virtu also revealed the Tree of Life, which invited customers to write a sustainability goal for 2023 on a Eucalyptus leaf and hang it on the bare tree, symbolising the unity and hope we bring by sharing a common goal for a greener planet and happier community. Eucalyptus leaves were not only for writing sustainability goals, but also acted as name tags, instead of printed paper tags for all guests upon their arrival which came as a pleasant and curious surprise for many guests! All attendees left with goodies too, including prizes, plantable pencils and Virtu towel sets in eco-friendly straw bags too.

Virtu EVO Event 2023

Virtu Team @Virtu EVO Event 2023 

Innovation comes in many forms for us here at Virtu and we’re always excited to explore new creativity in our event programs that ignite a sustainability passion and vision for our customers, partners and employees. Thanks again to all our sponsors and attendees for joining us and creating a memorable experience.

We look forward to seeing you at our next event in 2023 where we will continue to share our passion for sustainability, innovation and security, showcasing more brands and more solutions for your organisation.

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