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Evolving solutions for hybrid work

To support a hybrid workforce, your organisation needs a technology fleet that
meets diverse needs, works seamlessly across all devices, is simple to manage,
and enables many styles of hybrid work. HP is helping IT optimize the end-user
experience for employees, from wherever they work.

Boosting people-first productivity

Being flexible and considerate is key. While hybrid work has become the norm, keeping your employees productive and engaged isn’t just about allowing them to work from home. You need to have a solid understanding of what your people are doing day to day. This will help you provide them with the tools and solutions they need to be at their best wherever they work.

of employees say they want flexibility in where and when they work.
of employees prefer a hybrid work model.

Five key objectives for organizations

In the race for digital transformation amid these times of hybrid work and heightened security risks, your organisation needs to achieve five strategic goals.

Bringing teams together

Using technology to help teams get and stay connected and collaborate—whether together or apart. Add to this workflow automation, which will help information flow across the organisation and encourage collaboration through digitisation.

Remaining productive

Implementing technology that enables productive work from anywhere. A key aspect of this is device optimisation—understanding the needs of every employee in their role, and correctly matching hardware to the remote or onsite worker


Zero-trust hardened security across the entire tech ecosystem helps protect workers and their work from cyberattacks. And secure access helps keep print secure wherever it happens.


Easily managing flexible work and distributed devices, both remote and onsite. Simplifying and improving end-user device management. And delivering a better employee experience across endpoint devices and applications.

Being sustainable

Working smart while protecting the planet. This time of digital transformation is perfect for evaluating the environmental impact of technology across your organisation’s value chain—and investing with technology partners who innovate with the planet in mind.

Empower your hybrid workforce with HP

All the devices, solutions, and services your employee need.

  • Complete hardware and software solution to power your remote workforce
  • Power through your heaviest workloads with high-performance workstation laptops, desktops, displays and solutions
  • From data analysis and visualisation to real-time rendering, 3D design and animation—Z Workstations drive the heaviest professional workflows
  • This suite of scalable, bundled options with hardware and services for meeting spaces of any size works with Zoom and Microsoft Teams rooms, interacting intuitively with users to provide an intelligent meeting experience and deliver useful real-time analytics back to IT
  • Can be easily configured, deployed, and tested by IT teams—they can also enhance employee experience on an ongoing basis with intelligent analytics from HP Presence Insights to reconfigure room and
    device settings or relocating under-utilised speakers or cameras
  • HP Elite PCs give your employees the power and performance to stay productive wherever they are
  • Complement HP Elite PCs seamlessly with HP Docks, Displays and Accessories to help employees make any space a productive office
  • Helps employees make the most of their home workspaces with this enterprise printer series that performs on par with the full-size MFP in your office

  • Integrates seamlessly with SharePoint®, Dropbox™, and Google Drive™ to connect paper and digital workflows

  • Helps your organisation safeguard PCs, printers and people from ever-circling cyber predators

  • Provides comprehensive endpoint protection and resiliency that starts at the hardware level and extends across software and services

  • Enables smart, secure workflows that protect data and information both on and off company network across your fleet of devices

  • HP Elite PCs are engineered with deep, hardware embedded security features that protect, detect, and recover from cyberattacks before they can disrupt your distributed workforce and your business

  • Integrates print into your evolving vision for the workplace and delivers the print experiences your employees want

  • Makes hybrid print fleet management easier, with cloud-enabled solutions that enhance workflows and provide greater visibility

  • Matches services and software to help you minimise routine management time


Technology that works for your workforce

Your employees need the right technology and services for where and how they work. With HP’s devices, solutions and expertise, you can ready your workforce and your organisation to thrive in a hybrid work world.
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HP Dragonfly plus Intel vPro® platform - better together

The HP Dragonfly powered by Intel vPro®5 is designed to handle the most demanding workloads wherever you’re working.​

With the highest performing cores Intel has ever built, comprehensive security, in a sleek design, HP Dragonfly is packed with features for the ultimate premium experience.

Be ready for anything with HP Elite PCs & Windows 11

HP Dragonfly G3 devices are developing as fast as the world of work is. Built with Windows 11 Pro for Business, protected by HP Wolf Security and optimised for collaboration with Microsoft Teams and the latest HP Presence conferencing features, HP EliteBooks are future-ready today—so your employees can do their best work from wherever they need to be.

HP Hybrid Work
Screen Shot 2023 04 12 at 12.18.45 pm

Pro-grade performance with HP ZBook Studio and Intel®️ Core™️ CPU

Packed with professional performance in a sleek PC, the ZBook Studio is engineered to help power users get in the zone and stay focused.

Push workflows further with the latest Intel® Core™ CPUs. From 3D design to machine learning, this pro grade PC delivers peak performance for uninterrupted work.

Make hybrid work for you

Discover HP products and solutions, purpose-built for your work- from-anywhere life.
Screen Shot 2023 04 12 at 11.17.57 am
HP Premium PCs
Stay engaged and connected on premium PCs enhanced by HP Presence technology.
Screen Shot 2023 04 12 at 11.19.14 am
Z by HP Workstations
Tested, optimised, and certified to power complex workflows, high-performance workstations are engineered to outperform your typical PC.
Screen Shot 2023 04 12 at 11.18.11 am

HP Printers

Unleash business productivity with industry-leading print technology and solutions for today’s office spaces.
Screen Shot 2023 04 12 at 11.19.42 am
HP Monitors and Accessories
HP monitors use human-centered design to support people in being comfortable, connected and productive–wherever they are.
Screen Shot 2023 04 12 at 11.18.33 am
HP Presence Conferencing Solutions
A more thoughtful, human meeting solution with groundbreaking voice, video, and sensor technology.
Virtu IT Solutions
HP Managed Print Services
HP Managed Print Services can integrate print management seamlessly into your hybrid paradigm.

Make Hybrid Work, Work

Our team at Virtu can help you achieve your desired outcomes, whether it’s boosting productivity, enhancing collaboration, or streamlining operations.

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