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Unleashing the creativity in students with magical learning experiences requires powerful products and the right support. Our classroom solutions empower students and educators with the right tools that boost productivity and learning outcomes in classrooms. Discover the latest range laptops, tablets, accessories, and more for your school.

Speak to our Education specialists for exclusive offers and promos, and tick off your Back to School checklist with Virtu today. 

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Benefits of having iPad in classroom learning

When it comes to the best tablets for students, it’s always suggested that Apple iPad 9th Gen Wi-Fi 64GB the best to considered given its flexibility and simplicity. Here are some of the benefits of using iPads in classroom.

Portability: Compared to other learning devices, iPads are light-weight and compact, allowing students to transport them.

Encourage Creativity: Unlock students’ creativity potential with iPads’ various education apps that encourage students to take an active role in creative learning.

Boost Digital Literacy: This is the world of digital learning. Exposing students to intuitive devices like iPads innovate them to build digital knowledge and skills.

The Library of Resources: Instead of traditional textbooks, iPad provides students with access to live information with a simple click. 

Virtu Rugged iPad Cases

The Virtu Rugged case for iPad 9th Gen 10.2” offers a built-in hand strap, pencil/ stylus holder and built-in stand offering excellent protection.

Bulk pricing & colour options available, speak to us for more information.

Asset Tagging Services

Schools make substantial investments in stores, equipment, furniture, books and other learning materials.

Proper asset management procedures must be in place for potential loss or disposal after the purchase of the devices to maintain accurate and up-to-date information despite insurance administered for most items within the Department.

Virtu is here to assist asset accouting for schools in accordance with relevant accounting standards and legislation. Deploying appropriate records of school equipment and furniture can minimise the losses and the value of the assets can be used as other education funds.

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