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Google Workspace vs Microsoft 365: are they different?

Business owners understand that it is essential for them to remain up-to-date with the latest technology to compete in the market. To this end, new programs and services are continually being designed to assist companies to run their activities more productively, share data reliably and work together more productively.

Investing in the right technology can enable businesses to be more competitive and able to adjust to the ever-evolving demands of the market.

Companies that aim to be successful need to be aware of the distinctions between Google Workspace and Microsoft 365, as they may appear similar but have some significant differences. These two software solutions are useful for improving internal communication and cooperation, along with enhancing productivity. Knowing how those differences will influence your business is thus a vital factor for choosing the right one for your organisation.

google workspace microsoft 365

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based suite that enables users to create, work on, and share documents and other content, as well as access team information in a convenient way.

The M365 Suite allows users to access applications and data from any device. This makes it possible for people to work on documents together in real time, increasing adaptability and output.

The suite offers superior security features, such as the ability to quickly set up secure virtual meetings. These safety precautions entail access control and machine learning technology, which are deployed to defend documents and data from potential cyber-attacks.

Google Workspace

Google Workspace provides a comprehensive set of productivity tools for organisations, accessible from both iOS and Android devices. It allows for the creation of collaborative virtual spaces for sharing presentations, hosting meetings and working together. Additionally, users can quickly create a variety of documents, from presentations to spreadsheets, which are accessible from other devices and can be shared with other users. Google’s suite of productivity tools, such as Google Calendar and Google Keep, are also available. The calendar enables the easy scheduling of meetings and other events, while Keep allows documents to be stored securely.

google workspace microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 vs Google Workspace for businesses

M365 and Workspace are two pieces of software that can help any organisation become more successful. However, one could be more advantageous for a given business than the other. There are distinctions between the two that should be taken into consideration before making a decision.


M365 and Workspace both give customers multiple cost-effective membership plans, but they offer different selections of options.

M365 provides a variety of solutions in its productivity software that are sure to benefit your business:

In comparison, Workspace offers four plans:


M365 and Workspace both provide a high level of protection for their customers’ data, with Microsoft utilising a more comprehensive multi-factor authentication compared to Google Workspace’s two-factor system. Since Google Workspace allows for integration with several third-party applications, authorising them could leave users vulnerable to potential threats.

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