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How HP creates your modern workplace

The new modern workplace has meant that hybrid work is here to stay. Our place of work is defined not just as one place, but every place and any place. This has shifted our company cultures, business practices and demand on technology. But one thing is for sure, a happy employee is often a more productive employee. When employees have a greater voice in determining where they can work and the technology and tools they can be supported with, you can expect better business outcomes to drive your long term business growth.

Wondering how to create that effective modern work environment for each employee?

First, it starts with the right laptop for your employees.

With the diverse range of modern laptops offered by HP including travel friendly sizes, light weight models, high performance CPUs and convertible designs, it may feel overwhelming determining the right hardware for each department within your organisation.

HP modern workplace
Evolving solutions for hybrid work – HP technology for modern workplace.

Here is a breakdown below for the key models for modern workplace:

GREEN FACT: HP’s Elite Dragonfly is the world’s first notebook that is manufactured from ocean-bound plastics.

By integrating HP technologies into your organisation, here is the impact you help drive with HP:
trees planted with
learners enabled
tonnes of supplies & hardware recycled
in spend with diverse suppliers

GREEN FACT: Since 2010, HP has reduced the energy consumption of its personal systems by 44% on average.

Once you’ve found the right laptop model for your employees, here are some of the top issues to consider when reviewing your organisation’s modern workplace arrangements:

Do your employees have the video conferencing & collaboration experience to create the most productive environment?

Here’s something to consider: Does the placement of cameras in your employees’ home offices appear distracting or off focus? Since 2020, the frequency of virtual meetings has risen from 48% to 77%. It’s important you can conduct and participate in time efficiency and engaging meetings with the right technology to deliver such outcomes.

Solution: Elevate the experience with an adjustable HP 5MP-webcam that can deliver a crystal clear video even in dimly lit rooms. Additionally, the adjustable tilt plus built-in speakers & dual microphone deliver rich sound for your employees. This ensures every participant is heard and actively engaged, driving meeting equality across your teams.

Are your employees suffering from irritated or tired eyes due to screen fatigue?

On average, humans generally blink 15 to 20 times in a minute which prevents dryness in eyes. However, it’s been studied that we tend to blink less than half as often when working in front of a laptop or monitor screen.

Solution: Introduce devices that offer low blue light to address screen fatigue, which can result in unhappiness, frustration and low productivity. HP’s monitors have features such as Quad HD resolution, wide viewing angles and accurate colour calibration to drive a premium experience for users. The ultrawide monitor range also allows comfortable viewing by helping your employees identify multiple documents/ pages at once.

Are you employees suffering discomfort from using their laptop keyboards?

Sitting in awkward positions with poor posture typing for long periods of time can cause physical distress for employees. With greater focus on wellbeing in the workplace, it’s important you equip your employees with the right tools and solutions to improve physical and mental health.

Solution: Devices should be centered at eye level and placed in comfortable proximity to the user. Additionally, giving employees the option of an external HP keyboard and mouse or a standing desk can reduce back pain and fatigue to drive increased energy, productivity, and cognitive ability, leading to increased focus and improved memory.

Do your employees have a clutter free modern workspace which can ensure focus?

A visibly disorganised work environment, whether it be in the office or at home can lead to employees feeling chaotic, distracted and unproductive. Having various cables and cords spiraling around can waste time for employees trying to set up and arrange their various devices.

Solution: HP’s dock series clear the desk and mind, improving flexibility for a modern work-from-anywhere lifestyle. One quick point of connection to manage numerous peripherals, allow quick departures for those who require an adaptor for mouse, HDMI-connected monitor and other devices. Increased efficiency and effectiveness of these tools allow employees to spend more time focusing on business priorities.

Are you promoting ergonomic body positions for your employees?

Small screen sizes can strain our body positioning and eyes. In the long run, it affects how we work, think and react day to day. It’s important to understand how you can optimise the computer experience for your diverse employees.

Solution: By providing additional monitors or larger, wider screens, you can improve productivity across your business. With HP models ranging from 23 to 34 inches and diagonal curved designs, you can ensure a more precise visual experience particularly within industries and roles where complex or highly visual software applications are utilised. You can also help your employees save time and energy by better managing their windows across dual monitor setups, allowing a flexible and agile modern workplace.

HP provides the latest technology that enables employees to make the most out of each day. They allow us to be more productive, comfortable, connected wherever we work. With recycled materials being integrated in the manufacturing and packaging process, HP promotes wellbeing and sustainable practices. By addressing evolving demands of today’s modern workplace, HP provides innovation to create greater work life harmony and better equipped employees for organisations.

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