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HP Managed Print Services

Hybrid work demands a new approach to print. One that revolves around security, flexibility, and manageability – without the complexity. Trust HP to optimise print for hybrid work.

An agile approach to HP Managed Print Services

From design and setup, to managing and upscaling, our flexible solutions help answer your hybrid work needs.

Building outcomes for business success.

  • Perform an assessment
  • Identify specific and diverse needs
  • Present comprehensive solutions

Set up your new environment.

  • Manage change with minimal disruption
  • Transition smoothly with expert management and installation with minimal disruption
  • Future-proof with ongoing training services

Get maximum ROI through ongoing refinements.

  • Enhance availability
  • Boost end-user satisfaction

Benefits of HP Managed Print Services

The disruption of the workplace is an opportunity to reimagine how work gets done. HP Managed Print Services can help.


Enable productive work from anywhere when you answer the diverse needs of a distributed workforce.


Manage, secure, and optimise the entire fleet of devices across your home and office workforce.


Integrate your paper and digital processes with cloud-based solutions that enhance productivity.

Print services to help guide your hybrid work transformation

Managing change for hybrid work is complicated and it requires understanding how technology can best support the flow of work across people, processes, and systems. You don’t have to manage it alone—HP Managed Print Services offers consultation services to help support your print transformation for hybrid work.

Guiding your print transformation

Print Strategy Service

Building from your identified business objectives, HP’s regular Strategic Business Reviews provide a rich understanding and interactive report of your print environment—and the power to identify efficiencies, discover insights, and accelerate cost savings.

Evaluating security vulnerabilities across your fleet

Print Security Advisory Service

With more work shifting outside the office and being accessed via the cloud, businesses have increasingly become targets for sophisticated cyber-attacks.

HP credentialed cyber-security experts will assess your organiSation’s vulnerabilities and develop a comprehensive plan for your traditional or hybrid environment.

Exploring print’s impact on your carbon footprint

Print Sustainability Assessment Service

HP MPS is the planet’s most comprehensive carbon neutral Managed Print Service, a certification that covers the lifecycle emissions of everything from HP printers and original HP supplies, to paper due to raw material extraction, manufacturing, transportation, use, and end of service.

Printers for every need, everywhere

Whether it’s individuals, teams or departments across your distributed workforce, HP offers the printers and multifunction devices to answer all their needs.

HP MPS Remote workers
For remote workers

Big productivity from a small footprint.

  • Compact sized, enterprise-grade options
  • Available via HP Flexworker service
  • Robust HP Wolf Security
HP MPS Small teams

For small teams

Fast speeds for up to 5 people.

  • Enterprise-grade printers 
  • Enhanced productivity 
  • HP’s most secure printing with HP Wolf Enterprise Security
HP MPS Large teams

For large teams

Faster speeds for up to 10 people.

  • Finishing and capacity options 
  • Workflow solutions 
  • HP’s most secure printing with HP Wolf Enterprise Security 
HP MPS Departments

For departments

Fastest speeds designed for 25 (or more) people.

  • The most finishing and capacity options 
  • Advanced workflow solutions 
  • HP’s most secure printing with HP Wolf Enterprise Security 

Integrate HP MPS into your evolving vision for the workplace

Virtu’s here to help elevate your business to new heights and drive success in the ever-evolving digital landscape with the power of HP MPS.

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