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HP presence benefits for modern workspace

Technology is not only helping us to work better, but it is also shaping the way we work, ensuring businesses can adapt and evolve. Today’s businesses are striving to enhance collaboration and communication experiences to allow their employees and teams to collaborate and interact regardless of location, to succeed as a modern workplace.

What is the modern workplace?

The term modern workplace is quite the buzzword today, but what does it mean? When thinking of a modern workplace, what actually springs to mind for most people? Co-working space with breakout rooms for meetings? Fully stocked kitchen with a slushie machine? Or games rooms and chill-out rooms for taking a power nap?

Even though each of these instances can be found in various organisations, several workplace trends have emerged that define the modern workplace. You probably didn’t even think about the fact that the space would not be tech-ready, with high-speed internet at the very least.

Technology is just one part of the modern workplace; the real focus is on employing the right tools to help teams achieve their full potential. Modern workplaces are those that embrace digital collaboration, solutions, and integration as the way of the future, and have made room for technologies that support advanced collaboration, automation, and dynamic work environments.

One of the big concerns for businesses today is how to ensure everyone within the organisation feels valued and included when there may be a certain number of employees that are working remotely at any given time. This human-centric approach means leveraging the latest collaboration solutions to ensure the modern workplace is inclusive and productive for all.

HP Presence for modern workplaces

HP Presence technology enables people to successfully collaborate using cutting-edge technology that allows teams to collaborate from any working environment. Here’s how:

Enhanced meeting connectivity

In meetings, it is vital that everyone can see and hear each other. When a meeting takes place with all colleagues in one room, this can be achieved fairly easily. But how do hybrid teams hear and see one another equally as well, and get each other’s attention if a certain number of people are off-site?

Technology in the form of HP Presence meeting space solutions enables every person in a meeting to be heard and seen, regardless of where they are around the world. With 4K, AI-powered cameras that offer outstanding sharpness, automatic framing, and picture-in-picture capabilities, every person speaking gets the spotlight, putting the focus on them and not the space around them. There is no need to fight for attention in a crowded meeting space with the HP Presence Sound Bars delivering studio-quality audio.

Seamless continuity and ease of use

As your employees may have flexible work arrangements and shift from office to off-site working, joining meetings and collaborating in real-time should be as seamless as possible. Using the same hardware family in all your meeting rooms makes it easy for people to start or join a meeting, ensuring no one is late or misses any vital information because they were caught trying to figure out the technology. HP Presence provides pre-configured solutions that you can upgrade or customise for different meeting spaces, such as huddle rooms for only a few participants, large conference rooms, and HP Presence embedded PCs for off-site employees.

Keep IT support simple

Having the same tech across your spaces simplifies IT support, ensuring they are not trying to monitor and maintain disparate solutions that can eat into time and resources. To simply support even further, HP Presence can be upgraded to include a suite of services that act as a personal assistant, helping your team to monitor device health and upgrades, as well as removing the need to worry about missing chairs, lack of refreshments, or temperature control issues.

Get started with HP Presence

Creating a human-centric experience in your modern workplace is key to ensuring your employees are engaged and productive, no matter where they are located. Leveraging technology designed purposefully to create better, seamless human connections are vital to the success of any business choosing to modernise its workplace. Virtu is committed to helping your business find the right solution to suit your goals. Talk to Virtu today and leverage HP Presence solutions for your modern workplace.

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