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Innovations for a Greener Future

From high energy efficiency to recycled plastics, HP never stops its innovations on circular design to create one of the industry’s most sustainable portfolios.

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Looking for tech designed with sustainability in mind?

Discover the latest range of HP products made with ocean-bound plastics and recycled content.

* T&Cs apply.

How HP uses less plastic

HP aims to create technology that improves lives and helps people to achieve more whilst using circular design that minimizes the impacts on our planet. HP commits to eliminating 75% of single-use plastic packaging by 2025. Here is how HP manage to plastic reduction.

More recycling

HP is recycling more, and using more recycling content.

Less packaging

44% reduction in single-use plastic packaging compared to 2018 - a further 25% reduction since 2020.

Packaging innovation

Improved design and process for molded fiber packaging with HP's 3D printing technology, and shipped more than 150,000 HP product units using molded fiber.

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HP is using recycled aluminum

HP Pavilion Plus 14″ Laptop PC. Our 1st full-metal cover from recycled aluminum10, saving about 729 tons of CO2 emissions.

HP featured products

HP has launched more than 300 new products made with ocean-bound plastic around the world since 2017. 

HP Pavilion

Made with ocean-bound plastics.


HP Elite Dragonfly

The world’s first notebook made with ocean-bound plastic.

HP Elite Desktops and All-in-One

Ocean-bound plastics in the speaker enclosure, ENERGY STAR certified and EPEAT registered in 19 countries.


HP Instant Ink

Save you on ink, and the world on gas miles and packaging.

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HP ENVY Inspire with HP+

over 45% recycled plastic. With HP+, HP protects or restores forests for every page printed.

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HP Workstation Desktops

Ocean-bound plastics in the fans.


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