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HP Sustainability

Amplifying HP Sustainability Initiatives with Virtu

Leverage the right technology and the right people to reach your sustainability goals successfully.

Sustainability - Corporate social responsibility
HP Sustainability

HP’s sustainability initiatives help build a better future for both people and planet

Reduce business costs

Implement more innovative strategies

Improve your firm’s reputation

Adapt to socio-economic changes

Become a trailblazer for sustainability

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HP has been recognized as a leader in corporate sustainability by several leading organisations, and this recognition is based on its performance in areas such as eco-efficiency, innovation, transparency, and social and environmental sustainability. They have created a business model that doesn’t just show they espouse corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives – it shows they live by them.

HP sustainability impact initiatives recognise that sustainable practices are not just about saving money or doing good for the world; they also have to make sense for business, which is why they are committed to helping companies achieve their sustainability goals while also improving their bottom line. They do this by creating a company environment and a range of products which prioritise climate action, human rights, and digital equity, so you can rest assured that with HP by your side, your business is making the most eco-friendly and ethical choice available.


Protecting the planet with the right state of mind and a stellar business strategy

HP’s climate action strategy focuses on positively impacting the planet in 3 key areas: carbon emissions, forests, and circularity, and they do not take their responsibility lightly. By holding themselves accountable, they endeavour to reach carbon neutrality and zero-waste in HP operations and use 100% renewable energy in their global operations by 2025, and it doesn’t stop there.

They are also working towards achieving carbon neutrality with the Supplies business, reducing HP absolute value chain GHG emissions by 50%, reaching 75% circularity for products and packaging, maintaining zero deforestation for HP paper and paper-based packaging, and counteracting deforestation for non-HP paper used in their products and print services by 2030. And, finally, achieving net-zero GHG emissions across the HP value chain by 2040.

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Empowering people by creating a culture of inclusion, justice, and equity

HP understands the importance of human rights in the modern age, and they are dedicated to leading the way with a business model that empowers workers, creates a culture of inclusion and belonging, and advances human rights, social justice, and racial and gender equity.

They are making great strides towards achieving 50/50 gender equality in HP leadership, achieving greater than 30% technical women and women in engineering, meeting or exceeding labour market representation for racial/ ethnic minorities in the United States, maintaining higher than a 90% rating on the internal inclusion index for all employee demographics annually, being universally ranked as an employer of choice for underrepresented groups in the technology industry, reaching one million workers through worker empowerment programs, and assuring respect for labour-related human rights for 100% of our key contracted manufacturing suppliers and higher risk next-tier suppliers by 2030.

Bridging the access gap to education, jobs, and healthcare for a better community

HP is committed to bridging the gap in access to education, healthcare, and jobs for underprivileged communities around the world by implementing and activating the holistic solutions needed to nurture better access to digital opportunities in order to transform both lives and communities.

With a focus on education, healthcare, and economic opportunity, HP strives to enable better learning outcomes for 100 million people by 2025 and accelerate digital equity for 150 million people by 2030.

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Virtu is committed to Amplifying change across the global IT industry with HP

As a HP partner and member of the HP Amplify Partner Program, Virtu is proud to be an active participant in HP’s efforts to change the world for the better by embodying HP’s commitment to corporate responsibility. We are dedicated to creating an ecosystem of accountability, improving our business’s sustainability performance, engaging and empowering our employees, and amplifying the social and environmental impact of the HP business.

HP has been and continues to be a great partner to Virtu. Our team is committed to working together with HP in order to create a better world that is more sustainable, more inclusive, and more just for businesses, people, planet, and communities to thrive. With Virtu as your preferred IT service and solutions provider, your business will have access to HP’s full range of sustainable products.

As a leading technology company, HP has made every effort to create technology that is environmentally friendly by using recycled materials, such as plastic, in the development of their products. By doing this, HP has saved almost 3 million pounds of plastic waste from polluting our oceans since 2016, which equates to roughly 102 million plastic bottles.

As a proud partner of HP, Virtu is pleased to leverage their expertise and partnership to ensure your business is set up with the environmental and ethical HP products that your business needs to both succeed and successfully contribute to social and environmental sustainability.

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