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Bid goodbye to VPN!
It's time to fully replace VPN with Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)

As educational institutions adapt to the increasing demand for remote and hybrid learning, it becomes imperative to implement a modern, secure access solution. Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) offers a contemporary approach that overcomes the constraints of traditional VPNs, offering heightened security, flexibility, scalability, performance, and cost-effectiveness for remote access in educational settings.

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VPN was not designed for today’s hybrid workforce

The growth of remote and hybrid learning, while great for digital transformation, has created never before seen challenges for secure access. 96% of institutions still use a VPN services, despite their obvious limitations:

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are concerned that VPN will jeopardise their environment’s security
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are dissatisfied with their VPN experience
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are considering a remote access alternative to traditional VPN

Introducing HPE Aruba Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)


HPE Aruba Networking ZTNA ensures that application access is granted without requiring access to the institution network. This decoupling reduces network security risks—like insider threats or ransomware spreading—by minimising lateral movement through application-level segmentation.

Unlike a VPN concentrator, the ZTNA uses a service-initiated architecture to leverage outbound-only connections to ensure that the network infrastructure and applications are masked from the Internet and cannot be located or verified.

It treats the Internet as the new institution network and ensures that dynamic Internet-based encrypted micro-tunnels replace traditional network connections like always-on VPN, MPLS, and dedicated site-to-site connections for public cloud. This reduces costs and frees up time for network and security teams to focus on more strategic projects instead of managing expensive appliances, updating versions, deploying hardware, and planning renewals.

Universal access becomes simple

Whether at home or the campus, users need consistent, fast access to all business resources.

Faster access speeds

Boost productivity and reduce traffic latency by automatically routing traffic on the fastest and most optimal path to the requested resource, without user or IT intervention.

Reduced attack surface with Zero Trust

Hide private resources from the internet and keep unauthorised users off the network with least-privileged access.

Reduce management overhead

Deploy, manage, and scale remote access with a single interface to manage all policies, apps, devices, users, data, and more.

Discover how HPE Aruba Networking ZTNA works

With 500+ edge locations across the globe, the HPE Aruba Networking SSE platform is one of the most reliable, available, and scalable Zero Trust solution designed for secure connectivity to business resources.

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VPN vs. ZTNA: Comparing architectures

As the landscape of remote and hybrid learning expands, educational institutions must ensure they have modern, secure access solutions in place. Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) emerges as a contemporary solution that effectively tackles the shortcomings of traditional VPNs. Offering heightened security measures, increased flexibility, scalability, optimal performance, and cost-effectiveness, ZTNA proves invaluable for remote access within educational settings.

What sets ZTNA apart is its integration into a comprehensive security strategy. As educational institutions increasingly explore Security Service Edge (SSE) platforms, it’s notable that nearly 60% are contemplating ZTNA adoption. So when will you begin?


> Creates poor user experience due to repeated logins
> Backhauls traffic to the data center, inhibiting productivity
> Relies on inherent trust that allows employees and third parties onto the corporate network, increasing security risk
> Has an infrastructure that is exposed to threats such as ransomware
> Uses network segmentation that is complex to manage



> Creates a seamless experience with IDP integrations and always-on design
> Provides brokered access to authorised business resources across 500 global edge locations
> Allows users to access apps without giving access to the corporate network
> Hides private resources from the internet and ensures that users cannot see apps for which they are unauthorized
> Allows easily managed access with per application-level segmentation

Learn the unique capabilities of HPE Aruba Networking ZTNA

IT leaders are replacing VPN with ZTNA so they can securely connect their modern workplace—comprised of hybrid workers, cutting-edge devices, and hybrid cloud environments—to the applications that matter most.

With HPE Aruba Networking ZTNA, you can benefit from fast and secure remote access to applications without the pitfalls of VPN. With ZTNA, easily scale access to any user, from any device, without increasing risk.

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Enables granular app-level segmentation, without network segmentation

Reduce the potential attack surface by only allowing access to specific resources. This limits lateral movement across the network, removes the need for complex network segmentation efforts, and reduces the potential attack surface of the business.

Supports seamless access to apps from any device with or without a client

Enable authorised remote employees and third parties to securely access business resources from the device of their choice in the most seamless way possible. The clientless method also supports browser-based RDP sessions reducing the need for VDI.

Adapts access based on API-powered, contextual controls

Automatically adapt access rights based on changes in key criteria, including user location, identity, and device posture. This continuous adaptive risk assessment helps better protect business data.

Simplifies security with 100% cloud-delivered architecture across 500 global edges

IT can stop spending time on managing VPN appliances. With HPE Aruba Networking SSE, every connection is brokered in the SSE edge location best suited to provide the connection—even in the case of a disaster. IT can rest assured that they'll be able to minimise disruption and maximise uptime.

Replaces legacy VPN technology

HPE Aruba Networking ZTNA has the broadest support of private applications in the market. The ZTNA service not only supports all TCP and UDP traffic (which are difficult for most ZTNA vendors), but also all modern web apps. Now IT teams can fully replace their VPN for good.

Inspects all traffic flowing to and from private resources

For the first time, gain deep visibility into what employees and third parties are accessing. View user activity, file downloads, record brushstrokes, and commands used during a session, and block any malicious actions.

Accelerating to a modern education institution means saying goodbye to VPN.

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