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Virtu for Retail & Hospitality

Virtu helps delivers modernised operations to drive engaging, improved customer experiences and customer loyalty.

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Technology helps to shape the retailer industry and improve the customer shopping experience. Digital integrated in the retail industry transform the market via omni-channel. Omni-channel in retail industry allows customers to access the resources seamless and improve the interacting efficiency.

Virtu has been exposed to a wide variety of organisations in the retail industry and our sales team has the knowledge to suit all your needs.

Branches of Retail Industry

IT in Retail Sector

Customer Data
Tracking & Transparency
Data Synchronisation


Staying up to date with the latest technologies is one way to improve the customer experience. Our experienced Sales Team can walk you through everything you need to excel in your industry. Virtu has years of experience dealing with the biggest hotel groups in Australia. We have provided solutions that helped each organisation expand their service and supply the best experience for their customers.

Hospitality Industry Areas

IT Trends in Hospitality Industry

Smart Solutions

Smart appliances and home automation services are a booming trend in the hospitality industry, most often accessed through Smartphones and Tablets.

Big Data

Customer performance will be analysed which allows business to identify the future trends and set future strategies.

Social Media

Having the latest technologies will help improve the quality of the social media. This is one of the first points of contact for all customers.

Cloud SaaS

The hospitality industry is gradually moving its software to the Cloud with the increase in new technologies.

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