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Innovation for a sustainable future

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Virtu hP Award Win

“Awarding tonight’s presentation to this particular partner is a stepping stone as we look to make an impact here in Australia. This partner through partnering with HP, has really championed the Amplify Impact project here in Australia. Virtu showed focused intensity over a full 12 month period to embrace sustainability as a business imperative and imbed sustainability principles throughout their operation. Virtu’s nomination response includes very strong executive sponsorship and high levels of employee engagement.”

HP at HP’s Annual Partner Awards Night 2022

Sustainability by the Statistics

  • More than 300 million metric tons of plastic waste is produced each year.
  • 95% of plastic packaging material value is lost after first use – about $120 billion annually.
  • More than 1 billion people still do not have access to fresh water.
  • Less than 3% of the world’s water is fresh (drinkable).
  • 2/3 of the planet’s marine life/ecosystems is under threat from plastic pollution and overfishing.
  • Although 90% of business leaders think sustainability is important, only 60% of companies have a sustainability strategy.
  • 67% of companies have started using more sustainable materials, such as recycled materials and lower-emitting products.
  • 37% of companies are tying senior leader’s compensation to environmental sustainability performance.
  • In 2022, consumers are 26% more likely to buy from sustainable sources than they were in 2020.

A brief look at Virtu's Story

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Virtunet was founded in 2008 with the concept of bringing enterprise IT solutions to small and medium businesses. 

Fast forward to 2022, we have grown significantly and has undertaken a major brand refresh, now known to the public as Virtu. The rebrand aligned with our strategic shift towards sustainability and security as key focus pillars. We strive to empower People through Awesome Experiences and Sustainable Partnerships.

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to secure your organisation's long term growth:

Shop our top list of sustainable products

HP Elite Dragonfly

The world’s first notebook made with ocean-bound plastic.

HP Pavilion Plus 14''

1st full-metal cover from recycled aluminum, saving about 729 tons of CO2 emissions.

Lenovo ThinkPad Series

Made from recycled content with CO2 Offset Services & Plastic-free Packagaing.

Apple iPad (9th &10th Gen)

Made with 100% recycled aluminum with responsible packaging.

HP Smart Tank 7600 Series

Designed to reduce GHG emissions from the printing experience

Schneider APC Smart-UPS Li-ion

High-efficiency green mode: Achieves up to 97% efficiency, which minimizes utility and cooling costs without compromising performance or reliability.

Targus EcoSmart Cypress Backpack

1st full-metal cover from recycled aluminum10, saving about 729 tons of CO2 emissions.

Targus VersaVu Slim Case for iPad

Designed with eco-conscious materials, including 1 water bottle and other PCP and biodegradable plastics.

Adobe Document Cloud

Reducing environmental impacts with cloud-based document solutions and digital experience management.


End-to-end sustainable IT strategy that helps eliminate wasted spend and reallocates resources to accelerate your business objectives.

Green Tech Tips for your Organisation's Growth

Focus on Energy Efficiency

When optimising your processes, focus on cleaner and more efficient energy with cloud computing brands such as Azure who can improve energy efficiency by up to 93%, and be up to 98% more efficient in carbon footprint than local servers.

Digital Transforming

Embrace more digital solutions and collaboration tools to reduce vehicle carbon emissions. Smarter productivity with Adobe Acrobat and interactions with Cisco Webex and Google Workspace for both the office or classroom.

Eco-friendly Materials

It's time to start sustainable sourcing of products made from recycled material or brands that are carbon neutral, to create a more circular economy. Targus has an impressive sustainable lineup with some products manufactured with up to 30 recycled plastic bottles.

Choose Cloud services

Use green web hosting services that decarbonise data centres. This can include modern cloud services like Google that produce zero net carbon emissions or Amazon aiming to achieve the same by 2040 through wind and solar farms.

eco-friendly packaging

Choose brands that implement eco-friendly packaging. In 2018, Lenovo began implementing the use of an innovative bio-based packaging made from bamboo and sugar cane fiber. Their Thinkpads are delivered in packaging made from 100% biodegrable material or recycled cushioning materials.

Energy-efficient Upgrades

Make energy-efficient upgrades with energy-efficient appliances. Move to LED lights, automate lights with sensors, use smart thermostats and take advantage of natural light for a smarter office in 2023.

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