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The vision is yours.
Get there with
Lenovo TruScale

With Lenovo TruScale, you can unleash the full potential of your IT transformation and achieve your vision for the future. Lenovo TruScale provides simplified access to our entire portfolio of award-winning technology solutions through a scalable as a service model. Combining hardware, software, infrastructure, and solutions, Lenovo TruScale gives you single-source convenience for all your technology needs — from the pocket to the data centre to the cloud — with one point of accountability.

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How does TruScale answer your needs?

CIO Vision

CIO Vision

- Enhance business resilience and agility with flexible access
to the latest technology
- Innovate processes and strategy using integrated hardware,
software and services
- Implement sustainable IT and embed ESG considerations
throughout your ecosystem

CFO Vision

CFO Vision

- Free your capital and improve cashflow by shifting to
predictable monthly payments
- Improve your ROI and cost-efficiency with a scalable,
pay-as-you-grow financial model
- Invest in an ESG-friendly initiative that boosts
productivity and resilience

Empower your workforce

One point of access for all the tools and resource your business needs to eliminate bottlenecks and maximise productivity

with ease

Scale how you need, from 0-100% utilisation, with no upfront costs or minimum commitment so you can achieve faster ROI

your expertise

Lenovo is the world’s #1 PC manufacturer with experience in providing XaaS in 100+ markets and 24x7x365 technical support

Unlock Everything-as-a-Service

Across every endpoint, software and service, Lenovo TruScale simplifies your access to our range of flexible solutions. It helps your business and teams accelerate towards strategic priorities, while simultaneously meeting your day-to-day technology requirements.

Lenovo TruScale
Infrastructure as a Service

TruScale IaaS offers all the power and strategic advantage of the latest data center hardware through a pay-as-you-go business model. Evergreen solutions can be quickly scaled without incremental capital investments, with 24/7 proactive monitoring, management, and service support.

Lenovo TruScale
Device as a Service

TruScale DaaS helps you innovate without limits. Empower your business growth with the broadest range of digital workplace solutions, the most flexible payment options available on the market today, and trustworthy, high-quality equipment that inspires confidence and productivity.

Lenovo TruScale Infrastructure-as-a-Service

Accelerate innovation with the latest industry-leading solutions through a no-risk, no-surprise, pay-as-you-go model.

Lenovo Truscale


The trend for hybrid working is driving demand for more flexible, customisable, and scalable solutions.

We believe that simplifying your data centre management and IT provisioning, frees up the time and space you need to take your business forward. Our IaaS model provides a cloud-like experience, helping you leverage the right solutions, at the right time, from the pocket to the Edge. All with on-premises security for control and peace of mind.

lenovo truscale


Control your data and let Lenovo manage the infrastructure. Lenovo TruScale Infinite Storage is an on-premises file, block, and object, as a Service solution, with built-in technology refresh. Welcome to a new level of data center support.

Run hybrid-cloud environments from the Edge, and benefit from consumption-based pricing. Standardized Hyper-V architecture allows your team to manage existing virtualization and storage processes while delivering a seamless customer experience.

Deploy a modern hybrid cloud platform for increased IT agility and efficiency. Joint solutions from VMware and Lenovo utilize virtualization, containers and aaS (as a Service) capabilities with the flexibility of a scalable pay-as-you-go model.

Accelerate your IT infrastructure growth with Deloitte’s proprietary tools for monitoring, automation, security, compliance, and account management. A simple path to modern apps and multi-cloud environments in one complete, automated platform.

A complete hosted desktop solution including client devices and hyperconverged systems with a Virtual Desktop Interface, for a monthly fee. Experience the simplicity and flexibility of the cloud with infrastructure on-premises.

Lenovo TruScale™ High Performance Computing as a Service (HPCaaS), enables customers to access greater supercomputing resources. For research institutions working on solving humanity’s greatest challenges—this means a faster time to answer.


Enjoy the advantages of on-premises data center hardware and services through a pay-as-you-go model.​

Easily scale without incremental capital investments, keeping you ready for peak business performance and growth.​

Get the peace of mind and the benefit of physical on-premises security, capacity control, and protection of your data.​

Get the latest Lenovo Hardware that meets your evolving needs and enjoy faster refresh cycles.​

TruScale Infrastructure-as-a-Service can help your organization optimize energy efficiency and reduce lifecycle costs.​

Lenovo helps simplify your day-to-day, so your team can achieve more with the resources you have. You can rely on our technical expertise and consistent global support while you focus on the way ahead.

Lenovo TruScale Device-as-a-Service

Bring greater breadth, agility, and quality to your tech deployments with a Device as a Service model.

lenovo truscale
Lenovo Truscale


Technological innovation continues to outpace the average lifespan of devices. But you’ll no longer be stuck with obsolete hardware with Lenovo DaaS. Thanks to end-to-end lifecycle management you can provide your organisation’s people with the latest technology to power business forward.

With Lenovo DaaS, get the most out of Lenovo’s suite of smarter devices, powered by Intel vPro®, an Intel® Evo™ Design and Windows 11 Pro. Your employees will be equipped to work their best with the most innovative devices, while your IT team gets their time freed up to focus on more business-critical tasks.

With TruScale DaaS, you can:

lenovo truscale

Give employees everywhere the support they need

With a broad scope of hardware, software and services, you'll make a greater impact on your organisation, regardless of where you do business.
lenovo truscale

Take advantage of
flexible payment options

With the freedom to adapt spending as your organisation changes, you'll create new opportunities to save money and time, all while you use resources more wisely.
lenovo truscale

Ensure a consistent, reliable supply of quality services

With an inventive approach to acquiring and managing devices, you'll accelerate what technology can do for your employees and organisation.

Ready to scale? Start your as a service journey with Virtu and Lenovo TruScale today.

Speak to our Specialists to discover how Lenovo TruScale can empower your business with future-proofed resilience that elevates individual productivity, team collaboration, and business agility.

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