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The New Logic of Work

More Productive Equitable Collaborative

Hybrid work represents a major change for organisations and the workforce. And it’s here to stay.

We believe there’s a better way to do it. More collaborative. More productive. More equitable. Give your team the tools they need to be successful every day, from anywhere.

Discover Meeting Equity

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Logitech for Business

Pro Tools for Pro Work.

Help your employees get things done from anywhere, with more security, greater flexibility, and increased comfort.

Give employees what they deserve by pairing comfortable, business-ready tools like our mouse-keyboard combos, headsets, and webcams.

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Help work get done better with everyday desk solutions with exceptional design. Optimised for security, comfort, performance, and more.

MK650 Keyboard & Mouse

Delivers what IT needs and employees deserve.

• Logi Bolt – Bluetooth Low Energy Technology
• Productivity Pairing – simple set up to precision keystrokes and dual-mode scrolling
• Logi Options+ Compatible

Logi Dock

All In One docking station with noise-cancelling speakerphone , enterprise quality audio and bluetooth connectivity

• Integrated with leading video conferencing platforms
• Connects up to 5 USB peripherals & up to 2 monitors
Hear & be heard clearly

Headsets & Webcams

Certified for leading video conferencing platforms

• High quality webcams with crystal clear 4K, 1080p, or 720p
• Muti-device headset with in-line controls


Advanced digital pointers for in-person, virtual, and hybrid work

• 20 meters operating range
• Point out precise areas of focus with the red laser pointer
• Optimised to work with Windows, macOS, and leading presentation software

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Logitech for Business

Better Tool. Better Meetings.

Empower everyone to be seen and heard with solutions designed to make creativity and collaboration easy.

High quality audio and video enables a more equitable video conferencing experience for everyone. Give participants the ability to collaborate effectively from anywhere.


High quality audio and video enables a more equitable video conferencing experience for everyone. 

Give participants the ability to collaborate effectively from anywhere.

Logitech Video Bars

All-in-one video bars that bring remote participants into the conversation

• Speaker View to highlight the active speaker, or Group View to capture everyone in the room
• Auto-level loud and soft voices while suppressing unwanted noise

Logitech Whiteboard Camera

Share whiteboards over video meetings with Scribe, an AI-powered whiteboard camera

• Integrated with leading video conferencing platforms
• Broadcasts whiteboard content into video meetings with outstanding clarity

All-in-one Room Solutions

Pre-configured products for rooms of virtually and shape or size

• Easy to use high quality conferencing solutions for all room sizes
• Compatible with many software platforms

Logitech Tabletop Camera

Sight captures the best view of participants around the room

• Integrates with leading video conferencing platforms
• Captures conversation and nonverbals clearly with 4K cameras and 7 beamforming mic

Next Life Plastics

From Recycled Plastics to New Possibilities

Logitech is innovating to give plastics a second life.

Design for Sustainability: Using recycled plastic is a key part of Logitech’s Design for Sustainability efforts. Logitech are increasingly using recycled plastics across top-selling product lines for mice, keyboards, webcams and speakers.

Reducing Carbon Footprint: More than 65% of the mice and keyboards in Logitech’s largest product portfolio are now made with recycled plastic. Logitech has eliminated an estimated 8,000 tons of virgin plastic, equating to an estimated 19,000 tons of CO2 saved across the product lifecycle for those products.

Recycling Consumer Electronics: Logitech envisions a future where all products can be recycled to make new products. Logitech encourages and finances consumer recycling of electronics around the world and works with recyclers who transform end-of-life electronics into recycled plastic. 

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