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Revolutionise the way you teach, learn and work.

Lumination Learning Lab

Welcome to a learning environment like you have never seen before.  This is a Lumination Learning Lab – an automated, multi-purpose and immersive environment that improves learning outcomes. 

A Lumination Learning Lab provides teachers and students with collaborative learning experiences in the real and digital world. 

Key Features

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Automate With Ease

Powered by LeadMe, a Lumination Learning Lab is a fully automated environment. At the touch of a button you can control the learning experience of students inside the Lab – from lights, blinds, projectors, computers, HDMI outputs to Lab modes. 

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Curriculum Aligned

A Lumination Learning Lab has been developed in line with the design thinking framework. The Lab follows the framework to achieve the best learning outcomes for students directly linked to the curriculum.

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Feel Confident

Our Education team, many who have just stepped out of the classroom, provide 12 months of support when you purchase your Lab. Our Operations team is also on hand to assist with any technical questions or issues you may have.

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Adaptable Environment in Moments

With just a tap of the screen, LeadMe quickly reconfigures your Lab to provide different learning experiences.  There are three modes to choose from – Classroom mode, Theatre Mode and VR Mode.

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About Lumination

Lumination is an immersive technology company, creating Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) software to revolutionise the way we teach, learn and work.

Immersive Learning Tools

Beyond the Classroom

Students learn the skills and the technology which are already commonplace in the workplace. An architect on a daily basis incorporates immersive technology to understand proportion and scale of designs. Students that are beginning to utilise this technology in the classroom are at a massive advantage when they start entering the workforce.

Skill Development

Students learn to use Virtual and Augmented Reality to solve real-world problems. In Humanities and Social Sciences, students can take an immersive learning experience to recycle, learn about materials, climate change and the environment. It helps them develop skills in digital and STEM literacy, design thinking, problem solving, collaboration, creativity and mixed-reality content creation.

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Goolwa Secondary College Case Study

Learning Through Experiences

Goolwa Secondary College has been using their Lumination Learning Lab to create connections between students and their learning outcomes.

Collaborating with the Lumination Education Team, Goolwa Secondary School has created ‘The Empathy Project’ to determine whether VR can increase people’s empathy.

Achieving Together

Teachers at Goolwa Secondary School have seen great results since their Lab launched four months ago.

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  • Increased student engagement.
  • Cost savings by bringing learning experiences directly to students.
  • Creating experiences that are transferable to roles of the future.
  • Opportunities for students to experience things they never had before.
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Goolwa Secondary College

Case Study

Learning through experiences

Goolwa Secondary College

Lumination Learning Lab

Goolwa Secondary College

Goolwa Secondary College

Case Study
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Experience a Lumination Learning Lab Today

Speak to our team today to find out how a Lumination Learning Lab can transform your classrooms.