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Our Victors

At Virtu, we pride ourselves on our diverse team of highly skilled individuals who collaborate to propel our company to success. They are the reflection of our ongoing commitment to embracing inclusivity and equal opportunity. We believe that diversity not only enriches our workforce but also fuels creativity, fosters innovation, and enables us to better understand and meet the needs of our diverse customer base. With each team member bringing unique skills and experiences to the table, our work environment thrives on collaboration and innovation as we continue to grow and Make IT Awesome.

For a life well lived, A life of Virtu

Martin Kosasih

Managing director

Meet Martin Johanes Kosasih, a trailblazer in the tech industry with a passion for making IT awesome. As an undergraduate at the University of Technology Sydney, Martin didn’t wait to make his mark, starting his first business and setting the foundation for a successful entrepreneurial journey.

Born in Indonesia, raised in Singapore, and arriving in Sydney in 1998, Martin’s global perspective and technical expertise have been invaluable assets in his career. After graduation, Martin honed his skills at an IT consultancy before launching Virtunet in 2008, capitalizing on the growing demand for server virtualization.

As the industry shifted towards cloud computing, Martin and the Virtunet team were ready, helping medium to large organizations make the transition with ease. 

With a focus on people, service excellence, and innovation, Virtunet has seen tremendous growth and rebranded as Virtu in 2022 with the vision of Empowering People through Awesome Experiences and Sustainable Partnerships.

Virtu’s commitment to excellence has not gone unnoticed, earning numerous awards including Great Place to Work, Australian Employer of Choice, Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50, BRW Fast Starters, and CRN Fast 50 All Star.

leadership team

Nathan Goyer

Head of Operations &
Customer Success

Nate leads Virtu’s Operations and Customer Experience teams with strong focus on data-driven decision-making and action-oriented approaches. With a background in innovation, technology, and communication, Nate held leadership roles at Amazon, VMware, and Cisco. Boasting an MBA, engineering expertise, and global change management experience, he drives complex initiatives like product launches, secure SaaS platforms, and mixed on- and off-shore models. Nate excels in scaling businesses and crafting frameworks for lasting value and customer delight. His expertise extends beyond leadership roles at Apple, Adobe, and Nortel, as he has also supported pioneering online start-ups such as Kazaa. His leadership, effective communication with teams, and engagement with CXOs position him as a valuable industry asset, fostering innovation and excellence in the ever-evolving IT landscape.

leadership team

Tony Sielliaga

Account director

Tony is Virtu’s Account Director with over 11 years of experience with the company. A career in IT sales since 2005, Tony brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his role and colleagues as a senior member of the team. He began his journey at Virtu as a Technical Business Development Manager and subsequently advanced to positions such as Solutions Architect and Senior Account Manager. Tony has consistently proven his ability to drive sustainable sales growth, seize new business opportunities, create customised IT solutions, and foster strong client relationships with leading organisations across sectors including Finance, Healthcare, Retail, Real Estate and Education. He skillfully manages national sales operations whilst successfully delivering large business projects with C-Level Executives through excellent customer relationship management and synergising vendor partnerships.


Vinesh Prasad

Senior Account Manager

With nearly four years of dedicated service as a Senior Account Manager at Virtu, Vinesh brings over 25 years of profound IT experience to the table. Starting as a Technical Engineer, Vinesh holds certifications from IBM, Lenovo, HP, Dell, Cisco, Microsoft, Eaton, and more. Specializing in Infrastructure and Solution delivery, including Data Centre Solutions, Vinesh excels in Customer Relationship Management, consistently delivering an “Awesome IT” experience. His extensive experience includes collaborating with vendors and partners to deliver end-user and specialized solutions, often through Corporate and Local Government tenders. Vinesh’s diverse account portfolio spans across Banking and Finance, Health (Pharmaceutical), Legal, Retail, and Education, showcasing his adaptability and dedication to making a transformative impact in the IT landscape, one partnership at a time.

leadership team

Grace Jun

Marketing lead

Grace is the Marketing Lead at Virtu with diverse experience and expertise in Marketing, Sales and Client Experience. Through her creative thinking, strategic mindset, and excellent event management skills, Grace has orchestrated numerous digital marketing campaigns and successful events which have generated positive results for the company. Grace leads and encourages her team to embrace creativity, innovation and inspiration with a multi-faceted approach to all areas of Marketing. Furthermore, her ability to build and maintain sustainable partnerships with vendors has been paramount in uncovering market insights for clients and prospects, maximising the impact of Virtu’s marketing efforts. Grace’s passion for Environmental Humanities contributes to her commitment in elevating Virtu’s capability, brand visibility and positioning as Australia’s No.1 Sustainable ICT Solutions Provider.

leadership team

Connie Zhang

Operations Lead

As an agile Operations & Fulfillment Lead, Connie specialises in driving efficiency and optimising processes to achieve exceptional results and Awesome Client Experience. With a strong focus on streamlining effective operations and a background in Finance too, she has successfully enhanced productivity, reduced costs, and improved customer satisfaction by effectively leading her team and embracing cross-departmental collaboration. Connie has helped ensure timely fulfilment of orders whilst also assisting with project management and delivery for schools and dioceses to deliver outstanding outcomes for Virtu and clients. Connie’s ability to build strong relationships with stakeholder, and problem solve and innovate with new ideas whilst practising effective time management by handling multiple priorities became key strengths that drive business growth and define her role at Virtu.