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Modern Workplace Consulting Services

Modern Workplace Solutions for the Modern Enterprise

Transform your business with the right technology.

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Enable employees to work from anywhere with premium modern workplace solutions

Improve efficiency

Increase productivity

Reduce costs

Streamline collaboration

Enhance security

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As we enter a world of remote and hybrid working models, it’s important to ensure your work environment is optimised with the right technology, but it can be difficult to know where to start on your digital transformation journey without the right partner.

Virtu’s team of IT professionals can help businesses and organisations deliver a premium modern workplace that nurtures the employee experience whether they are in the office or not.

With our unique technology, we can transform your workplace into a seamless and secure environment for employees to work remotely or on the move. Our modern workplace solutions are designed to help you create an efficient working environment that not only delivers a more productive workforce and optimises your office space but also improves communication and collaboration and ensures everyone is securely connected wherever they are.

Our solutions can be scaled up or down, and we can build a solution that is tailored specifically for your business needs. Whatever the size of your organisation or the extent of your digital transformation journey, we can help you create a more productive working environment where employees can work smarter and faster than ever before.

With a secure and seamless working environment, you can help boost employee satisfaction, improve productivity, and create a culture where remote or hybrid working is the norm.

While the technology is essential, it’s also important to ensure your employees are fully trained on how to use it. Our team of experts will work with your business to ensure everyone is clued up on how to use their devices and software, so they can get the most out of our modern workplace solutions.

We aim to provide businesses with everything they need to create an efficient working environment that allows employees to work remotely, safely, and securely no matter where they are or what device they are using.

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Easily connect and collaborate in real time with the right technology

Transforming your workplace into a digital workplace has never been easier, or more efficient. Our technology allows you to set up your entire workspace and your entire team, instantly.

With Virtu’s intelligent workplace solutions, you can create a space that works for you and where your employees can work wherever they want to. We endeavour to help you create an environment where your staff can be always connected and collaborate with their colleagues.

Our enterprise-grade cloud solutions will transform your business into a modern workplace that allows you to work remotely and securely more easily and collaborate with colleagues from anywhere.

Virtu’s security solutions ensure that the work you do is always secure, enabling you to work in a safe and secure environment from any location and are designed to work seamlessly with your existing network, enabling you to easily set up and manage your workspace with Virtu’s enterprise-grade technology.

Virtu has a range of state-of-the-art solutions that will transform your workforce into a world-class digital environment. From creating a purely Microsoft Modern Workplace which leverages Microsoft Teams, Office 365, and Microsoft Power Automate to designing a bespoke environment using other vendors’ technology, Virtu can help you to make the workplace you want.


Enterprise mobility and modernity with a solid and secure technology foundation

Virtu is a leading IT provider in modern workplace solutions and has a wide range of innovative technologies to support the needs of businesses. The company’s solutions are designed to improve the productivity of business and enable you and your employees to work better in the modern workplace.

Virtu provides a range of products and services that enable organisations to modernise their business processes through transformation, enabling them to deliver more efficient, effective, and secure working environments. These solutions are designed for businesses of all sizes, including SMEs and large organisations. Virtu has worked with a range of clients covering both the public and private sectors, including Government departments, universities and schools, banks, and more.

With our extensive range of vendor partnerships and solutions, we can help you to implement the right technology and tailor it to suit your business. Virtu’s solutions are designed to integrate with existing systems and work seamlessly with other enterprise software, including Microsoft SharePoint, Oracle, SAP, IBM, and Microsoft Office.

We have a wide range of services available to help you implement and manage your technology infrastructure, including planning and implementation; providing training and coaching to help you get up to speed with your new system; as well as support throughout the whole life cycle. We can also help to manage the day-to-day running of your IT systems, such as installation, monitoring, and maintenance.

Bring your business into the future of technology with Virtu

At Virtu, we build IT; we educate IT; we grow IT; and we are the only company you need for your IT. Our team of highly trained IT professionals are specialists in delivering IT solutions for all your IT needs. We are experts in building and managing the most advanced enterprise-wide services, from designing and implementing the most efficient IT infrastructure to supporting and maintaining it.

We have a service team that is dedicated to providing you with the best possible customer experience, and we have a dedicated project management team that is focused on delivering projects on time and within budget. Our team of experts are experienced in helping our clients solve their business problems with quality IT solutions.

Whether you are looking for a new IT system or need to take your existing systems to the next level, Virtu has the people, products, and skills to deliver your project from start to finish. We can also offer expert advice on emerging technologies and trends, including cloud computing, virtualisation, networking, security and more. So, if you are ready to digitally transform your business, contact the team at Virtu!

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