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Modern workplace tools for your business

Today’s workforce is more connected than ever before and is no longer limited to anonymous cubicles and corner offices.

This means there are many new ways to work and succeed in a modern organisation. Your employees need access to the right information at all times, as well as a digital environment that fosters creativity and innovation. To help your employees create a more productive working environment for everyone, we’ve compiled the top modern workplace solutions to have your team thriving in no time.

What is a modern workplace?

In the modern workplace, people, technology, and processes come together, with a focus on digital-first practices and technology that allow employees to work wherever and whenever they want. You can read more about the modern workplace here.

Communication tools

Previously having your team work together in the same space was the only way to ensure seamless collaboration. But today, that’s not always the case. Your employees are all over the globe, working on projects that have specific rules, deadlines, and technologies that you don’t have full control over. To streamline communications and increase collaboration, you’ll want to start using collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams. This tool enables team members to communicate, share files and work on projects together in real-time, regardless of where they are.

Data-driven insights

The business you own produces large amounts of data daily, but are you profiting from it? Despite the popular idea that data is comparable to oil, only a tiny fraction of digital information is taken advantage of for decision-making and bettering performance.

So why is this the case? Frequently, valuable information remains lost within different systems. It requires time to pull out, reconcile, and study the data. By the time the task is achieved, the information is already outdated.

Rather than just accumulating and keeping information, business intelligence applications such as Microsoft Power BI can help you analyse the data and convert it into useful insights that can be applied throughout your organisation, providing a competitive edge and leading to increased revenue in the long run.

Collaboration solutions

As more businesses make the digital transformation into modern workplaces, the question then becomes how to ensure teams and departments have access to the information needed to function effectively. SharePoint is a web-based platform with customisable features that facilitate collaboration and communication between teams, projects, or companies. It allows users to create an intranet for their business, enabling them to store, arrange, share, and access data. This makes it easier and more efficient for people to collaborate, as they can quickly access and share documents and files in real time.

Enhanced workflow tools

Employees spend on average about 10% of their time at work undertaking repetitive, manual processes that could be better spent on more productive tasks. Workflow tools such as Power Automate allow workflows to be automated across Microsoft web-based services, including Dynamics 365, SharePoint, Office 365, Teams, and OneDrive. Automated workflows remove the need for employees to manually track tasks, enter data, or look for data to make things happen – instead they can quickly assign tasks, follow up on deadlines, and track assigned work and projects.

Cloud-based solutions

The cloud allows businesses to create an integrated, agile IT environment that can evolve as a company grows. Cloud-based collaboration and productivity tools are agile and flexible, so your employees can work effectively from anywhere. With the rapid advent of hybrid workplaces and the increasing focus on sustainability in the business world, cloud-based solutions such as Microsoft 365 ensure a modern workplace is connected and productive.

Modern workplace tools for your business

Organisations are grappling with how to keep up with the pace of change in the world around them. They are also relying on their employees to be more engaged, productive, and innovative to succeed in the new business landscape. If you are also looking for ways to revitalise your modern workplace, talk to the experts at Virtu today and move your business into the future.

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