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Our Journey: Virtunet to Virtu

Where virtu starts

Virtu’s inception dates us back to our humble beginnings in 2008.

At the time, Managing Director Martin Kosasih was searching for a business name and was captivated by the meaning of “Virtue”. 

Being Virtuous is to do the right thing, at the right time, in the right way and the right amount, towards the right people. Virtue can only be learned through experience, like a habit, through consistent repetition of the right actions, it will become part of your character. This is what inspired Martin in building the roots of his company.

“The research lead me to an ancient Greek philosophy of Eudaimonia. The belief that life is not just about happiness, but about Striving. Pushing one’s self to the limits, never done improving, constantly setting new goals, working hard to develop new muscles.”

how we grew

Virtunet was founded with the early stage concept of bringing enterprise IT solutions to small and medium businesses, offering virtualisation and mobility solutions. We always strived to deliver customer success and an Awesome Experience. From our famous 10 minute response time to hand delivering urgent projects & products outside business hours, we always found solutions and solved problems, never settling for an apology or an excuse to clients. This is ingrained deeply in the culture we have created and cultivated over the years. 

Our range of IT offerings have gradually evolved though into the articulation of more in demand solutions around consultations, modern workplace solutions, security services and managed services in tailored packages, meeting the evolving requirements of Education, Government and Enterprise customers across Australia. We continued to strengthen our alliance and strategic partnerships with leading IT brands such as Apple, Cisco, Google, HP, Lenovo, Microsoft and Samsung offering the most up-to-date innovative products, solutions and services to clients. 

Despite the recent challenges of COVID-19 between 2020 – 2021, the business experienced immense growth and an ever- diversifying range of over 5000+ clientele being serviced. This was of course also during a period when the industry shed light to major shifts in the workplace landscape, technology trends and demands around sustainable sourcing.

The rapidly evolving and dynamics of the industry and Australian organisations slowly unearthed a curiosity to re-examine the goals and passions of Virtunet.

– Growth is uncovered when one pushes the limits, always working to improve and setting new goals. –

Ultimately, after 13 successful years of operation and public recognition as Virtunet, Managing Director Martin Kosasih recognised the need to present his new business focus both internally and externally, making the decision to leap towards our next chapter as Virtu.

OUr rebrand launch

Our rebrand announcement officially came on May 2022, through a much anticipated launch event with clients, sponsors and partners at The Calyx in the heart of the Royal Botanic Gardens, a hub of activity, home to one of the largest green walls in the southern hemisphere. From Virtunet to Virtu, the removal of ‘net’ was a clear choice in creating a simpler and elegant name whilst still staying true to our heritage defined over a fast paced decade of business growth. More importantly, it encapsulated Virtu’s multi-lensed commitment to the new goals and refreshed vision, mission and purpose around our impact on the Planet, People and Community. Today, Security and Sustainability are key business pillars for Virtu.

Virtu’s new brand vision: 

To empower People through Awesome Experiences and Sustainable Partnerships.

This is the vision that guides every strategic decision and unique relationship established and matured with all stakeholders.

Visually, the Virtu logo takes it’s roots from the original Virtunet logo created in 2008. Now with a slimmer profile, we’ve still kept a familiar look to connect with our audience. Small details such as the previous grey triangle is now green to symbolise not only growth, but also Virtu’s impact on the planet, people and community.

Previous Logo

old logo

Current Logo

new logo

virtu's mission:

“Do IT Right”
do the Right thing
at the Right time
in the Right way
and the Right amount
to the Right people

Today as Virtu, we recognise our commitment to our new vision and mission, paving the pathway to our future growth and sustainability focus. We’re here to empower people and organisations in pushing the limits of sustainable growth, to ultimately bring lasting transformations to our Planet, People and Communities.

A life well lived, a life of Virtu.

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