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Security Assessment Service

Strengthen your Cybersecurity with Penetration Testing

Identify and overcome security holes that make your organisation’s IT infrastructure vulnerable to exploitation through regular penetration testing. Don’t wait until it’s too late – prioritise the timely detection and resolution of these weaknesses to ensure the robustness and resilience of your IT infrastructure.

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In the digital age, businesses are continuously digitising their operations and processes, which exposes them to new technology risks. However, many companies fail to recognise the potential threats and vulnerabilities that come with new technological advancements.

The most significant risk that companies face is the possibility of hackers exploiting vulnerabilities in their IT infrastructure. With rapidly evolving technology, bad actors can effortlessly take control of a company’s IT infrastructure, especially when the system is not robust enough to withstand attacks from both authenticated and unauthenticated positions, as well as a range of system roles.

With the dangers in mind and to avoid the crippling costs and damage of a cyber attack, companies must take a proactive approach to prevent, detect, respond to, and recover from such incidents. This involves understanding their threat profile, identifying and remediating known software vulnerabilities and regularly conducting security assessments, such as penetration testing, to uncover unknown vulnerabilities.


Penetration testing, also known as ethical hacking or pentesting, is a security assessment method that checks computer systems, networks, or software for vulnerabilities. Its purpose is to identify and fix security weaknesses before they become major problems.


When done properly, penetration testing goes beyond just preventing unauthorised access by hackers. It involves creating realistic scenarios to see how well your organisation’s defenses would hold up against a large-scale cyber attack. This helps organisations of any kind understand the effectiveness of their current security measures and improve their overall cybersecurity.

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Conduct a pentest before it's too late with our cybersecurity expert

In the fast-paced digital landscape of today, cybersecurity has become an indispensable aspect that businesses simply cannot overlook. It is imperative for companies to prioritise cybersecurity to safeguard themselves against devastating cyber attacks capable of crippling their operations and compromising sensitive data.

At Virtu, our team of highly skilled security experts is dedicated to assisting you in performing thorough security testing. With our expertise, you can proactively identify and address vulnerabilities, strengthen your defenses, and enhance your overall security framework. 

6 Key Ways Penetration Testing Can Help your Organisation

Identify Vulnerabilities

Pentesting uncovers security vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure. By simulating real-world attacks, it reveals potential entry points that malicious actors could exploit and allows you to address them proactively.

Prevent Data Breaches

Pentesting enables you to identify and rectify security gaps that could lead to data breaches in advance, so you can protect sensitive information from unauthorised access or theft.

Ensure Compliance

Pentesting helps your business comply with various security regulations and compliance requirements by assessing the effectiveness of your security controls and demonstrating due diligence in protecting sensitive data.

Avoid Financial Loss

By investing in proactive security measures like pentesting, you can reduce the financial impact of data breaches, including costs related to data recovery, legal consequences, reputational damage, and potential lawsuits.

Enhance Overall Security

Pentesting provides valuable insights into your overall security posture. It helps you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your security defenses, enabling you to make informed decisions about allocating resources to improve your security measures effectively.

Maintain Customer Trust

By conducting regular pentesting, you showcase your dedication to proactively safeguarding sensitive data against potential cyber threats, reinforcing trust with your clients and stakeholders.

Make penetration testing an ongoing security assessment system in your organisation

Penetration testing is not a one-time fix. Instead, having a regular penetration testing system is vital because new risks can emerge when companies undergo significant changes to their IT infrastructure or applications. This could include moving to a new office, modifying end-user policies, or making significant upgrades.

With Virtu’s ongoing support, businesses can take control of their security posture by identifying and addressing any potential vulnerabilities before they become a threat.


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Virtu has a team of experienced cybersecurity professionals who specialise in using penetration testing to identify potential vulnerabilities in a company’s infrastructure. Our aim is to improve our clients’ security posture by identifying and eliminating vulnerabilities that could potentially lead to a security breach. 

At Virtu, we understand the importance of cybersecurity and offer comprehensive support and ongoing security testing services to help businesses stay ahead of potential threats. 

By partnering with Virtu, you can reinforce your commitment to protecting your valuable assets and maintaining the trust of your clients and stakeholders.

Keep your business secure with a leading IT provider

The team at Virtu is comprised of top IT professionals who are able to provide you with a wide range of IT services and solutions to enhance your business, including cloud storage and hosting, cyber security, and much more. As one of the leading IT providers in Australia, we’re always on hand to help you with any IT issues that you may be experiencing.

Our experts will work hard to ensure that your business is safe from any threat, and your information is kept secure at all times. We’ll also keep your network infrastructure running smoothly, so that it’s able to process information quickly and efficiently.

We believe in creating a solid foundation for your business by providing you with the right tools and technology. Our experts will review the existing security measures within your business network and help you improve them if necessary. We’ll also work hard to ensure that these measures are working properly by implementing regular updates and maintenance checks.

Ensure your business is everything it can be and more with Virtu. Contact the team today to find out how we can secure your business and operations.

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