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BenQ Board Pro RP03 65″ Interactive Display (13BQ-RP6503)

Screen Sizes: 65in, 75in, 86in

RP6503 / RP7503 / RP8603

  • Ultimate protection for teachers and students
  • Teach with confidence knowing all the classroom tools you need to give great lessons are always a tap away
  • Teach from anywhere in the classroom without external devices or additional software
  • Encourage active participation at every lesson with a wide variety of teaching tools that make classes fun
  • Tools for IT and admin staff
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Encourage active participation in class while protecting student and teacher health with BenQ’s best interactive display for education with the BenQ Board Pro RP03

The BenQ Board Pro focuces on teacher and student health, BenQ is always ahead of the class.  All BenQ interactive displays come equipped with ClassroomCare, our proprietary line of health-centric technologies carefully designed and tested to make active engagement in the classroom safe for everyone.

Germ-resistant screen, pen, and remote
Built-in air ionizer for clean air
2 x 16W speakers with subwoofer for immersive sound
One-tap NFC login to instantly load lesson materials
Interactive teaching tools for more hands-on lessons
Powerful in every way

Equip your students with BenQ’s best interactive display designed to help them learn proactively, think creatively, and interact safely.

Classroom Care

Ultimate protection for teachers and students

Defend against the spread of germs

Reduce surface transmission with ClassroomCare germ-resistant screens. The touchscreen, buttons, and front ports are made with a proprietary TÜV-certified formula that is 99.9% effective against common germs.

All-around protection

Shared surfaces can become potential vectors of germs. The RP03 comes with germ-resistant pens and remote controls for extended protection.
A breath of fresh airPoor indoor air quality negatively affects student health and performance.

Our exclusive built-in air quality sensors allow you to monitor CO₂ and PM₂.₅ , and formaldehyde levels in the classroom so you can regulate air flow accordingly.

Purify the air around the RP03 with an ionizer that automatically clears impurities when pollutant levels rise.

Centrally monitor the air quality, temperature, and humidity in all your classrooms from a single dashboard.

Maximum eye protection

The RP03 is the first and only interactive display to meet Eyesafe standards, offering the highest level of protection available for the eyes.
By minimizing high-energy blue light emission, the RP03 reduces eye strain while maintaining vivid, true-to-life colours.

Discover new ways to teach

Teach with confidence knowing all the classroom tools you need to give great lessons are always a tap away.
Save time by securely accessing your files with a simple tap. Using an NFC card, you can access your cloud storage and load personal settings on any BenQ Pro series display.

Start whiteboarding with a tap

Open the EZWrite 6 whiteboard at any time with a quick tap of the pen.
More than just a whiteboard

Teach using EZWrite 6, a powerful and intuitive whiteboard packed with classroom tools for all subjects. EZWrite 6 lets you save whiteboard sessions to continue giving lessons at a later time.

Double your teaching efficiency by running two apps side by side. Have the EZWrite 6 whiteboard on one side and the browser or lesson content on the other, all on one screen.

More streamlined class management

With Google Classroom integration, you can import lesson materials and invite students to the EZWrite 6 Web whiteboard. Post announcements to the Stream for your class right from the display.

EZWrite Google Classroom integration on laptop and BenQ Board RP03
Annotate anywhereThe built-in Floating Tool lets you write on top of any app, website, document, or image. Annotate over content displayed from any connected Windows, Mac, iOS, iPad OS, Android, or Chrome OS device.

A more flexible teaching experience

Everything you need to give immersive lessons is already built in. Teach from anywhere in the classroom without external devices or additional software.
Quick access

Start a whiteboarding session, enable screen sharing, and access your files on the RP03 with a single tap.Built-in microphone array capturing sound in the classroom from the RP03 display

Microphone array

Let lessons be heard clearly using the 8 built-in microphones with echo cancellation and noise reduction.

Convenient connectivity

The RP03 comes with all the front ports classrooms need, allowing you to display screens, charge devices, and enable touch.
Voice assistant

Teach from anywhere in the classroom with the remote control and voice typing for increased accessibility.