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Solving top 5 school challenges with STM Goods solutions

Schools are bustling hubs of learning and growth, but they often grapple with various challenges that can impede the smooth functioning of educational institutions. From technological hiccups to organisational hurdles, schools encounter a range of issues on a daily basis. In this article, we’ll delve into the top 5 common problems faced in schools and explore how the innovative products from STM Goods can come to the rescue.


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1. Device damage dilemmas

Picture this: a bustling classroom filled with students eagerly engaged in their lessons, each armed with a personal electronic device. However, the downside becomes apparent when accidents happen, and devices succumb to the perils of daily school life. Dropped tablets, spilled drinks, and general wear and tear can turn a once pristine gadget into a costly liability.

Enter STM Goods’ range of durable and protective cases. These are not your run-of-the-mill covers; they’re fortified guardians for iPads, tablets, Chromebooks, and Surface laptops. Take the STM Goods Dux Plus Duo Carrying Case for instance, designed to withstand the rigours of school environments. With reinforced corners and a clear polycarbonate back panel, it’s a knight in shining armour for devices in young hands.  Alternatively, the STM Goods Studio Carrying Case is another great option for schools who are looking for a great precision tooled case with feather light construction and a form-fitting design to protect and celebrate your iPad.

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2. Slowdown of lessons

Although typing on an iPad is possible, it can be uncomfortable and time-consuming, especially for students who need to write longer passages or are just learning to type or touch-type. That’s why investing in a quality, tried and tested iPad keyboard is a must. With a keyboard accessory, students can type faster and more comfortably – an important life skill for the future. Fortunately, STM Goods has the perfect remedy.


Introducing the STM Goods Dux Keyboard Trackpad Bluetooth, a brilliantly designed Bluetooth keyboard case, with rugged bump protection, Apple Pencil 1 storage, and full-function trackpad to make your iPad experience even smarter. Plus, the ruggedised Dux Bluetooth keyboard resists little spills & splashes as well as keys being pried off by curious little fingers or accidental snags. There’s more you can do to improve teaching and learning outcomes when you have high quality peripherals that provide a great iPad experience in the classroom.

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3. Backpack burdens: Say no more!

Navigating crowded hallways and bustling classrooms can be a real test for students and their backpacks. The strain of carrying heavy textbooks, laptops, and other essentials can lead to discomfort and even health issues. Aching shoulders and strained backs become all too familiar.

STM Goods understands the need for ergonomic backpacks that prioritise comfort without compromising on style. The STM Goods 15L Eco Backpack is a prime example, designed for schools who value sustainability, functionality, and style for their students and teachers. Made from high-quality 100% recycled 300D polyester fabrics, this pack is not only durable and long-lasting, it also contributes to reducing waste and preserving the environment. Protect your students, devices and the planet!

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4. Cracked screens and the need for shields

As education increasingly shifts to digital platforms, the fourth hurdle emerges: the constant battle against screen damage. Scratched, smudged, or cracked screens can impede the learning experience and strain already tight school budgets.

STM Goods addresses this issue head-on with their range of reliable screen protectors. The STM Goods Screen Protector and STM Goods ECOGLASS are two options which  provide crystal-clear clarity while offering robust protection against scratches and impact. By shielding devices from daily hazards, these screen protectors ensure that the focus remains on learning rather than worrying about the integrity of the screen.

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5. Comfort, security and design all in one

For students and teachers, moving from classroom to classroom, it’s important that they have the right accessories to keep their devices safe and protected whilst also not placing a heavy load on shoulders whilst on the go. That’s where the STM Goods Ace Armour Plus enters the room!

Designed with the direct feedback from educators and district level IT professionals, STM have built the ultimate protective bag for the K-12 classroom environment. The bag showcases 360 degree impact protection – multi-layer construction water resistant fabric, large external zippered organiser pocket to keep your small belongings safe and large clear slip pocket on back for holding and viewing class schedules and IDs. Plus, the bag can be screen printed with logo or emblem.

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Ready to elevate your school's tech game?

The challenges faced by schools today are diverse and can be demanding. However, with the comprehensive range of products offered by STM Goods which continue to innovate, these challenges transform into opportunities for growth and efficiency in the education environment. From protecting electronic devices to streamlining accessories and enhancing teaching methods, STM Goods provides a leading range of solutions to help educate and grow the young minds of tomorrow.

Make the leap into a future-ready education system with Virtu and STM Goods. Equip your school with the tools it needs to thrive in the digital age. It’s not just about products; it’s about transforming the way we learn and teach. Let us be your guide on this transformative journey.

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