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Sustainability, resilience, and mobility transformation for Australian Museum

Virtu was approached by Australia Museum who was undergoing major works to assist with updating their IT environment. The renovations were extensive in nature, included new floor spaces and expanded access and facilities.


Accompanying the renovations was a need to modernise their IT environment. The museum set out to see what solutions would best suit their needs. They faced the following challenges:


Virtu was engaged to provide the following services:

IT environment refresh and decommissioning.

Microsoft Azure was selected as a cloud server solution due to its robust, secure platform and its integration with Microsoft365. It’s ability to comply with government regulations and maintain that compliance was also an important factor.

Once the infrastructure and data were migrated to Microsoft Azure, the old network infrastructure was decommissioned and disposed. Certificates were provided to show compliance with government disposal regulations.

Video conferencing and collaboration.

Video conferencing technology with Microsoft Teams was chosen for onsite and remote conferencing and collaboration. The heritage listing compliance and physical challenges were all considered to create this customised solution.

End user computing.

Laptops, monitors and docking stations were procured to enable mobility. To support the mobility requirements of the staff, Virtu selected a range of laptops that supported staff based on their range of needs, including new and refurbished.

Note: The solutions were implemented over a period of time and not at once.


Results for the People
Results for the Community
Results for the Planet

"Virtu has been very responsive to our needs by fulfilling our software and hardware requirements. They are at hand to assist when we need them, and they deliver on time and on budget."

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