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Sustainable IT, also called Green IT is the manufacturing, usage, management and disposal of IT in a manner that it has minimum impact on environment.
Looking for the energy star, turning off your monitor, adjusting the brightness, not using a screen saver, turning off the peripherals etc. are some of the tips for going green on your computer.

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Cybersecurity for a more sustainable future

In the pursuit of a sustainable future, organisations are increasingly adopting environmentally conscious practices. From reducing carbon footprints to embracing clean energy solutions, sustainability has become a buzzword.

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Sustainable IT trends in 2023

With so many changes happening in the world right now, it’s hard to know how the future of information technology will look. But there are some trends that

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HP against plastic in 21st Century

During the last century, new technologies transformed and irreversibly changed our world. From economic to social spheres, we’ve seen a drastic rise in the adoption of novel tools

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