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Technology that delivers quality education for children

Established in 1859, this organisation is one of the oldest serving child care service providers in Australia. They provide a range of services to ensure children can experience high quality early education preschool, child care, early intervention and inclusion programs.

Their vision is to empower children to find their unique voice and discover their sense of self whilst respecting others. With over 2000 staff members onboard, the Children Service organisation has successfully brought together children, parents and education to create a safe and calm community, supporting thousands of families across the country.


Virtu has been the organisation’s preferred ICT partner for close to a decade. As they have continued to expand their services, they experienced urgent requirements to secure sufficient resources and hardware stock particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Additional challenges they experienced included the following:

  • Limited storage space for IT equipment across their organisation’s various sites which affected visibility and accessibility for their IT team.
  • Only having access to street parking which affected delivery and confirmed collection of goods.
  • IT departments that were short-staffed resulting in time consuming and demanding processes for PC deployment.

One of the main priorities for this organisation was ensuring that their fleet of aging desktops were replaced quickly with the right models that could provide efficiency and productivity for their teams to deliver services.


Ultimately, delivering an exceptional solution and experience to this organisation came down to Virtu achieving the following:

  • Pre-plan ordering stock in advance to ensure timely delivery and deployment before specified deadlines with no unexpected outcomes for client
  • Staged delivery of goods to a more manageable and accessible shipment location, considering the absence of loading docks and storage facilities at client locations
  • Utilising inTunes auto enrollments and Apple Device Enrolment Programs to speed up the time required for client’s IT team to roll out devices across their sites


At Virtu, we find it imperative to understand the unique requirements of each of our clients when it comes to their in-house IT capabilities and resourcing, as well as their preferred brands, models and solutions to achieve their business goals. Additionally, it’s about understanding that those unique requirements are expected to evolve and change too. Our commitment to delivering the best solutions and the right solutions is a testament to the hundreds of loyal clients who continue to place their trust in Virtu and promote our brand and offerings.

Most recently, this Children Service organisation has been able to newly design their headquarters with state of the art facilities. All centres across Australia are now digitalised and equipped to provide leading education outcomes for young children. In particular, this organisation has adopted a streamlined iPad fleet to help record and post children activities using apps such as Story Park, allowing them to more effectively deliver great experiences and services to families.

When asked what is one of the unique qualities that this organisation enjoyed most about Virtu’s services, they identified our customer events as being both informative and entertaining, providing valuable industry insights and showcasing diverse solutions whilst also providing fun, creative engagement for clients.

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