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Classroom Learning. Anywhere. Everywhere.

Empowering classroom learning from anywhere is now made possible with ZAGG's Education Solutions.

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Tablet & iPad Keyboard

Unleash students’ productivity with versatile, Bluetooth keyboards.


Enhance Learning in the Classroom with ZAGG Rugged Pro Connect Keyboard

Equip your students for success with the ZAGG Rugged Pro Connect. This keyboard is built to withstand the rigors of classroom use with military-grade materials and interlocking keys for comfortable typing. The adjustable screen and compatibility with various headphone models make learning a breeze. Plus, with no cables needed, students can connect to their devices quickly and easily. Built for the demands of modern education, the ZAGG Pro Connect is the perfect tool for student success.

Military-grade Standard

The Rugged Pro Connect is made from durable polycarbonate materials to provide 2 meters of drop protection.

Detachable Case & Keyboard

The Rugged Pro Connect allows you to place your iPad in the case on one surface and the keyboard on another, so you can type in different environment and situations.

Holder for Apple Pencil or ZAGG Pro Stylus

The Rugged Pro Connect has a fabric loop that holds a stylus so it's always close at hand.

Interlocking. Laptop-style Keys

The interlocking keys won't pop off, and you get precise, clear strokes for comfortable typing.

Multiple Viewing Angles

The Rugged Pro Connect allows for multiple viewing angles, so you can adjust your screen just like a laptop.

Transfers Data & Power with the iPad

The Rugged Pro Connect draws power from and transfers data directly with the iPad - no Bluetooth, batteries, or keyboard charging required.


Rugged Education Keyboard

Wireless Keyboard and Durable Case


Rugged Pro Connect

Healthcare Grade Keyboard and Case with Screen Protector


Rugged Book

Rugged, Wireless Keyboard & Detachable Case

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Pro Keys

Wireless Keyboard with Detachable Case

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Pro Keys with Trackpad

Wireless Keyboard with Trackpad & Detachable Case

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Rugged Messenger Case

Wireless Keyboard & Durable, Detachable Case

Pro Stylus

Expand your capabilities with the Pro Stylus that lets you write, sketch, scroll, and tap.

Pro stylus 1

Enhance Learning in the Classroom with the ZAGG Pro Stylus

More than ever, you need to be able to work and learn from anywhere. Your tablet helps you do that, but in order to be truly productive, you need a stylus that lets you take notes, sketch, swipe, mark documents and more with precision and speed. The ZAGG Pro Stylus lets you do all that with a universal capacitive back-end tip for fast and easy scrolling and an active tip for smooth, clean strokes.

Increase Productivity

Swipe through pages on your tablet with ease. Use the Pro Stylus to make notes, sketch, mark up documents, and increase your speed and productivity. Simply switch the Pro Stylus on when you’re ready to study, and off to save power.

Compatible with Apps that Support Apple Pencil

The Pro Stylus from ZAGG works with your favorite apps that support Apple Pencil.

Easy to Use with Automatic Pairing and Magnetic Attachment

The Pro Stylus automatically pairs with any iPad 2018 or newer. The Pro Stylus attaches magnetically to the iPad Pro 11 & iPad Pro 12.9.

Palm Rejection Technology

Don’t worry about resting your palm on the tablet. The Pro Stylus has palm rejection technology so that when it’s in use, only the stylus will register on your screen.

Dual Tip Stylus with Tilt Recognition

The universal capacitive backend tip lets you scroll through pages easily, and the active tip on the other end lets you draw smooth, precise lines for notes or sketches.

Long-lasting Battery and Type-C Charging

The Pro Stylus lasts up to eight hours. Use the included Type-C charging cord to recharge in just one hour and 25 minutes.

Wired Keyboard & Mice

 Get the most from your devices and enable a whole new way to learn from anywhere.


This is the Bluetooth Mouse You've Always Wanted

Imagine a Bluetooth Mouse that doesn’t run out of battery. The Pro Mouse charges wirelessly while you’re away from your desk, so it’s always fully charged and ready to go when you need it. The Pro Mouse tracks on glass, making it perfect for meeting rooms, and it pairs with three devices. This is the mouse that goes everywhere with you, so you can be productive anywhere.

Wireless Charging

Charge your Pro Mouse quickly via wireless Qi Charging Pad - no cables needed!

Multi-pairing Functionality

The Pro Mouse has an easy-to-use multi-pairing functionality without the need for additional pairing hardware.

Drop Protection

The Pro Mouse's overmold construction offers up to 2-meter drop protection.


The Pro Mouse tracks on multiple surfaces including on glass. No need for a mouse pad!

Long Lasting Battery

The Pro Mouse's Li-Polymer battery allows for up to 3 months use before charging.

DPI Adjustment Capability

The Pro Mouse has DPI adjustment capability from 800 dpi to 2400 dpi.

zagg 3

Pro Mouse

Multi-pairing mobile mouse with Qi Charging Pad

zagg 1 1

Lightning Wired Keyboard

For Apple Devices with a Lightning Connector

zagg 2

USB-C Wired Keyboard

For Universal, USB-C Devices

Working Towards a Sustainable Future

At ZAGG, it’s always been its mission to protect and enhance, and that includes the world we live in. ZAGG is starting our journey towards environmental sustainability by considering environmental improvements to packaging, product materials, recycling, manufacturing, and more.


Create sustainable packaging and use recyclable packaging elements


Reduce use of petroleum-based materials and integrate environmentally-friendly ones


Provide eco-friendly options for recycling and disposing of used products


Reduce the carbon impact of our manufacturing processes

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