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Enhance data security
with 24x7
data compliance
& in-depth risk analytics

Data classification, file analysis and unstructured data visibility

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What is Veritas Data Insights Solution?

Veritas Data Insight helps enterprises proactively assess and mitigate unstructured and sensitive data security risks. With Data Insight, you can classify sensitive data in a hybrid cloud environment and arm your operations team with the key knowledge needed to identify security threats and prepare compliance audits more efficiently.

Combining data visibility, context and analytics across your whole infrastructure allows IT to gain relevant knowledge to improve data governance and resolve security, compliance, insider and cyber threats quickly and conclusively


What's New in Data Insight 6.6

  • Support for new deletion capabilities for OneDrive and SharePoint online
  • Ability to override default classification policies when targeting a specific location or specific data
  • Option to pause and resume classification requests
  • Addition of automatic enumeration to Distributed File System (DFS)

Maximise your Insights with Powerful File Analysis

Veritas’ robust reporting platform simplifies your search for compliance risks and enhances eDiscovery.

Visualize Risks

Scan and assess unstructured files and expose data liabilities.

Prioritise Sensitive Files

Quickly locate and classify high-risk content and identify who uses each file.

Optimise Compliance

Proactively manage and audit content files with predictive analytics.

Powerful Features of Veritas Data Insights Solution

Over half of all enterprise data is “dark” or unknown, creating regulatory risks. So what is Data Insight? Data Insight gives compliance teams the ability to classify and contextualize content, making it easier to search through data, gain insights, and meet regulatory requirements.

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Automated data governance.

Leverage easy-to-use reporting to eliminate waste, reduce costs, and consistently apply data classification policies.

  • Optimize compliance with regulatory archiving from Veritas Enterprise Vault
  • Identify data you should keep versus data you can defensibly delete
  • Minimize duplicate, stale, orphaned, and dark data
  • Enable content owners to easily apply policies through a self-service portal

Insider threat prevention.

Analyse user behaviour and protect against data theft within your organisation.

  • Identify potential access issues or malicious insider behaviour based on metadata and activity
  • Profile users based on social interactions and roles, identifying questionable relationships
  • Leverage User Risk Scores to assess potential threats and prioritise high-risk data
  • Facilitate user behaviour changes with a pre-built remediation workflow

High risk reduction.

Flag anomalies automatically and identify suspicious or malicious user behavior.

  • Use proprietary algorithms to collate employee profiles, behavior, and content sensitivity
  • Leverage integrated file analysis, data loss prevention (DLP), and archiving solutions
  • Highlight non-malicious access risks from negligent employees or exposed shares to administrators
  • Capture user activity for billions of actions to identify trend lines and outliers.

Rapid threat detection responses.

Control global access permissions and identify possible ransomware hidden in your files.

  • Leverage detection templates to find ransomware through read-and-write count variables
  • Create a detailed audit trail of who accessed data and when they made changes
  • Identify the data owners and custodians you need to engage for policy and compliance efforts
  • Utilize data ownership identifications and access permissions visibility for entitlements review

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