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Virtu is a 5-Star HP Amplify Impact Changemaker Partner for two consecutive years.

As a HP Amplify 5-Star Changemaker, Virtu is committed to creating a positive impact on the Planet, People and Community through technology and innovation.

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Our sustainability initiatives for
the Planet, People & Community

For the second consecutive year, Virtu has achieved all requirements of maintaining the HP Amplify Impact 5-Star Changemaker Status.

Our commitment to sustainability has driven us to successfully complete a comprehensive sustainability plan based on 5 pillars: Sustainability Strategy Fundamentals, Sustainability as a Business Opportunity, Planet, People, and Community.

With sustainability deeply ingrained in all our business operations and partnership following our 2022 rebrand from Virtunet to Virtu, we have worked tirelessly to ensure we continue to be the Specialists you can trust to create a long term Business Strategy grown from a real focus on sustainable technology with brands such as HP. Explore our latest sustainability initiatives for the Planet, People & Community below.

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