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Virtu Volunteering Day at Ted Noffs Foundation

On the 18th January 2023, our Virtu Victors headed out to the Ted Noffs Foundation for a fantastic day of community volunteering.

The Ted Noffs Foundation is Australia’s largest provider of drug treatment for young people. Originally known as the Wayside Foundation, Ted Noffs was founded in 1970, offering services and programs which focus on assisting young people with drug, crime and mental health issues. The foundation has achieved significant successful outcomes across the reduction of all three. Some of their services and programs include the Street University, Adolescent Drug Treatment (PALM), Adolescent Continuing Calm (CARE), Youth Homelessness Service, Homelessness Support (TAKE HOLD), Youth Drug and Alcohol Counselling, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Counselling and Case Management Service and Deadly Dreaming Indigenous Support Program.

To support a wonderful cause, our team headed out to the local Op Shop network in Petersham, NSW to offer our assistance and learn more about the support networks. Virtu helped to sort through and organise the various donations from the community, ranging from clothing, toys and household items to be sold in the Op Shops. The revenue raised in the Op Shops help to address some of the shortfalls in funding that some of the Tedd Noffs’ services have. Virtu’s support helped to ensure the Shops can be stocked faster which allows for the Ted Noffs Foundation to continue delivering valuable services to young people who need support. These services range from counselling and residential treatment for substance use.

Virtu team at the Ted Noffs Foundation Op Shop Network

Virtu is always inspired by helping the community and learning about the support services available to create a brighter future for all. Small acts of kindness can make a big difference.

Thank you to the Ted Noffs Foundation for the opportunity to serve and make a difference in the lives of those in need.

If you are interested in making a donation or showing your support, visit the Ted Noffs Foundation website here:

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