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Virtu The Earth & Technology in Perfect Harmony

It’s our goal.

But achieving perfect harmony between Earth and technology is a complex and evolving challenge for all. At its core, It involves striking a balance between technological advancements that improve our quality of life alongside the sustainability of our planet. Despite the challenges and uncertainties that may lie ahead, Virtu believes that technology brands are striving towards a better future by elevating the quality, production, operations servicing and lifecycle of their products and solutions. 

That’s why on the 18th August 2023, we welcomed five industry leading speakers from Lenovo, SentinelOne and Targus to present their sustainability vision at our most recent client event. It was discovered that the Earth & Technology in Perfect Harmony can deliver long lasting benefits for organisations in the form of increased efficiency, cost savings, a united workforce and better stronger business performance in the long run.


Here are some of the key insights and technologies that were shared at our event:

First of all, did you know Lenovo is the first PC and smartphone maker to have a net-zero commitment with targets validated by the Science Based Target Initiative’s Net-Zero Standard? 

In 2023, Lenovo was recognised by the China Electronics Standardization Institute (CESI) as an industry standard for low carbon manufacturing in China. When it comes to their product range, Lenovo innovates with the integration of recycled materials in their solutions. In 2021, more than 13.5 million kilograms of recycled plastic were used across their notebooks, desktops, accessories, monitors and more. 

By FY 2025-26:

  • 100% of PC products will contain post-consumer recycled content
  • 90% of PC plastic packaging and 60% of smartphone packaging will use recycled materials
  • 76% of PC parts returned to our service center will be repaired for future use.

Since 2017, they have helped prevent 10,000 metric tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere. Additionally, Lenovo utilises plastic-free packaging on select products with 90% recycled and/ or sustainable content including bamboo and sugarcane. This is industry leading innovation which continues to set new standards for packaging and sustainable efforts from technology brands.

The question is raised though – In 2023 what new innovation did we see across Lenovo PCs within the device itself?

The answer is plenty!



Lenovo has come a long way since they first introduced their low Temperature Solder process for manufacturing in 2007.

In 2023, we’ve seen ThinkPads become thinner and lighter than ever before thanks to new touchscreen technology and unique cooling system designs. Lenovo has increased efficiency due to intelligent UC mode and smart-refresh displays. Particularly for the popular X1 Carbon and X1 Yoga models, we have seen that both models now support 64GB RAM. Hybrid meeting experiences have also been enhanced with the newly developed 5MP camera alongside Lenovo View which offers advanced camera-based smart features. Furthermore, Lenovo has introduced Firmware Shield and improved their physical tamper detection and hardening of physical security which gives end users one less thing to worry about.

It’s why Virtu and Lenovo have a strong partnership dedicated to only delivering the best product line and services to clients looking to further their own sustainability journey – starting with the right tools and technologies.

Book a consultation with our Specialists to see how Lenovo’s PC range can refresh your organisation.


The next thing to look forward to is how everything is becoming a value- adding service!

From the core to the edge to the cloud, Lenovo delivers smarter experiences and outcomes to give organisations the competitive advantage they deserve and seek. Lenovo’s Device as a Service offering provides excellent user experience with a single-source solution for hardware, software, and services, scaling up or down on demand whilst The Infrastructure as a Service solution provides the flexibility to innovate without limits with no shortage to process capability and no wasted capacity through a pay-as-you-go approach. 

Sustainability is not just about sustainable materials making industry leading products for Lenovo.

It’s also about allowing end users to experience true scale and sustainable growth by embracing Lenovo TruScale Everything-as-a-Service. 

Having flexibility with an aaS model that provides an on-demand, pay as you go model, End to End managed services and support, and turn-key on-premises solution delivering performance, security and data sovereignty, means that your organisation can become smarter with resources and tools in your business growth journey. Scaling as you need ensures greater harmony between success for your business and embracing the true meaning of corporate sustainability.

Book a Consultation with our Specialists to see how Lenovo TruScale can scale your organisation.


A big talking point today remains to be focused on Security.

In fact, organisations are seeking security that can be delivered at machine speed.

XDR is becoming a ubiquitous term in security, and although it was initially unclear as to how XDR could help organisations, over time we have seen that it is a key component of modern security. Essentially, XDR effectively extends detection and response from just the network or endpoint to identity, the cloud, mobile devices, and practically anything else you may be concerned about. 

Sentinel one’s Singularity XDR platform evolved out of the Gartner-leading EDR platform, provides users with the best in breed EDR with ransomware rollback, and the capability to leverage existing tools, ingesting data into its patented storyline system, providing unparalleled visibility into your environment. It can leverage your existing controls, ingest data logs from existing tools to provide additional insights and additional value, extending the value you extract from both toolsets, allowing you to see more threats, protect better, and resolve faster.

Why is security important to sustainability?

Simply put, being an organisation that can secure your business data, activate the right security tools and measures to protect your employees and company means that business  growth can be sustained for your organisation. Sustainability is also about people. Strengthening your organisation’s security posture means your employees are empowered and kept educated, safe and protected against online threats which affect their work wellbeing and productivity. 

It’s an important discussion to be had: how secure is your business?

Book a consultation with our Specialists to see how SentinelOne can secure your organisation.


Of course we can’t forget about Targus and how they bring new meaning to sustainability to the industry.

Did you know Targus was the first brand globally that invented laptop bags?

Targus is committed to leveraging innovation and industry leadership to write a better, more sustainable story for our world.  They aim to ensure that as technology evolves, our planet doesn’t devolve. In the ANZ region, the Cypress collection has become Targus’ flagship EcoSmart range, becoming the first bottle count of recycled materials – a figure now proudly printed on the lining of every EcoSmart bag. EcoSmart protects the planet, without compromising the brilliant features and ergonomic comfort expected from Targus bags. 

Innovation does not stop there though.

We also had a sneak peak at Targus’s upcoming new arrivals including the introduction of the Energy Harvesting EcoSmart Keyboard with solar power capabilities alongside EcoSmart Ambidextrous/ Ergo Flip mouse designed to be reversible and adaptable.

Book a consultation with our Specialists to see how Targus accessories can protect your organisation.


Achieving perfect harmony between the Earth and technology is an ongoing process that requires continuous innovation, responsible decision-making, and global cooperation. What we discovered at this event is that the market continues to offer solutions to problems, questions and uncertainty which will help transform organisations. It gives us more reason to be curious, excited for change and ready to elevate businesses and build a pathway towards a future where the Earth and technology balance and support each other.

Virtu’s core commitment is to continue to only offer the best from our partners including Lenovo SentinelOne and Targus and help you in the education, consultation and procurement, to help you make positive progress in your organisation’s unique sustainability journey.

69% of people believe sustainability should be a top priority for all businesses.

Are you one of these people?

Speak to our team today to find out more.

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