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Virtu Volunteering Day At Pocket City Farms

On the 14th April, the Virtu Victors headed out to local Pocket City Farms in Camperdown, Sydney. Surrounded by the city skyscrapers in view only minutes away, we were guided through the refreshing, bright day by our Farming & Community Manager Chris, who helped educate us about the farm’s biodiversity and urban greening mission. Whilst many of our team were familiar with the area, no one in the team was aware of this farm, which made the day’s experience even more memorable, rewarding and inspiring.

It was a day that let us step outside to feel the fresh air and feel connected and regenerated by the environment. Meeting their 3 resident Chickens, the Virtu Victors were showcased the urban farm, community food forest and education garden. We helped harvest vegetables, transplant seedlings and create compost materials, activities which revitalised memories and experiences from the past for many of our team members.

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Virtu Volunteering Day At Pocket City Farms

Pocket City Farms is a charity that embraces a uniquely vibrant and green outdoor space for community and volunteers. The farm empowers diverse communities by educating them on the ways we can improve the natural environment and eliminate food insecurity, whilst taking proactive action against climate change. This is done by helping people think more sustainably, sharing knowledge about regenerative agriculture, waste reduction, permaculture and water saving techniques.

Being able to take the time to support local organisations and learn about sustainability at Pocket City Farms, helped the team remember the diverse roles we can take, and the impact we can make on this planet. When we stop for a moment and look around, there’s alot to appreciate seeing how things grow, give life and bring positive change.

Virtu is incredibly supportive of organising volunteering days for the team to support the communities, learn something new or give back to those in need. Thank you again to Pocket Farms, Chris and Sam for helping organise a wonderful day for our eager team.

If you’re eager to explore the possibilities and benefits that Virtu can bring to your company, our team of Specialists are ready to assist you.

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