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Virtu Volunteering Day at Ronald McDonald House Charities

On the 28th July, the Virtu Victors became Working Bees at the Ronald McDonald House Charities!

Ronald McDonald House Charities is an independent, not-for-profit organisation dedicated to providing much needed programs and support for families with seriously ill children.

In the past 28 years, Ronald McDonald House Charities Sydney has helped thousands of children and their parents and support networks. The House based in Randwick specialises in helping families who are based interstate, receive a warm and welcoming place to call home whilst their sick children receive medical care and treatments.

Ronald McDonald has managed to create a strong community that nurtures and empowers seriously ill children and their families. It’s a commitment that means a lot for so many lives across Australia and ensures a safe network for people in need.

Ronald McDonald House Charities

Virtu Volunteering Day At Ronald McDonald House Charities

In 2022, we had the amazing opportunity to head out to the Ronald McDonald House Charities in Randwick NSW and cook delicious morning tea for the children and families undergoing care at Sydney Children’s Hospital. Being able to hear the real life stories of how the Ronald McDonald House has been able to support so many families was a valuable experience for our team that gave more meaning to our company wide commitment to sustainability in all its lengths.


Because of this, it was no surprise that Virtu was bustling to return again in 2023 – this time for the Working Bee volunteering program. We were able to help tidy the building and facilities to ensure a welcoming and clean environment for sick children and their families who are staying at the Ronald McDonald House Charities. Virtu was welcomed by team leader Amber who explained the different services, fundraising activities and key updates of Ronald McDonald House Charities which helped educate our team about the difference we were helping to make.


Our team members helped to tidy the outdoor facilities, indoor play room, kitchen and dining area. We also helped to tidy the laundry room and bed sheets for all the residents, ensuring they had a comfortable stay. Our time at the Ronald McDonald House Charities meant that staff and volunteers on site could focus on other duties throughout the house, including having more time spent with the families. 

Ronald McDonald House Charities
Ronald McDonald House Charities

Virtu Volunteering Day At Ronald McDonald House Charities

One of the things we learned was that the Ronald McDonald House Charities is always proactively looking for new ways to improve their spaces and facilities. This also included exciting plans to remodel the outdoor facilities and remove the current climbing playground reminiscent of many PlayPlace playgrounds across McDonald restaurant sites and instead replace it with a more flat, accessible court setup which would include a basketball hoop. This would allow for play to be more accessible for children of all age groups and children in wheelchairs, physical injuries or with disabilities. Additionally, it would also allow for it to be more collaborative for children and help strengthen the community spirit in the house.

The day was filled with warm weather for a Winter’s day and even warmer hearts after a great day visiting the Ronald McDonald House Charities.

One thing that’s certain is time flies fast.

That’s why Virtu always appreciates opportunities to step outside the office and our day to day to support our local communities. We place high value and importance in bringing our diverse team whether working from home or in office, to be inspired, educated and engaged with all aspects of sustainability that drive our vision and mission.

Thank you again the Ronald McDonald House Charities’ staff and volunteers for welcoming us on the day but also for all that you do for the ill children and their families. It makes a world of difference.

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