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Why zero-touch deployment is better for business

With remote working being a long-term reality, whether that is a business decision to reduce operating costs or in-line with sustainability initiatives, organisations must establish a framework and services to make sure their managed networks remain safe and their off-site workers are productive. Zero-touch deployment (ZTD) – also known as touchless deployment, zero-touch provisioning, or automated device enrollment – is an essential tool for IT administrators to utilise for business efficiency.

What is zero-touch deployment?

Zero-touch deployment lives up to its name by permitting the enrolment and deployment of new devices without requiring an IT technician to physically set up the device. Imagine sending a new device to an end-user and all they have to do is power up the machine and enter their log-in details. Every aspect of the device is arranged and configured for them based on predefined regulations, comprising all the essential applications they require.

Zero-touch deployment can be executed through a company’s mobile device management (MDM) software, (for example Apple Business Manager for Apple devices).

Benefits of zero-touch deployment

There are several benefits to implementing zero-touch deployment:

Reduced time spent on manual jobs

The process for configuring applications is fully automated, which allows businesses to deploy applications quickly without having to spend excessive time configuring them. Additionally, zero-touch deployment allows businesses to pre-configure their applications, so they are ready to use as soon as they are deployed. This means that employees can get up and running quickly and start using the applications as intended, without having to spend time configuring them.

Reduced costs

With increased efficiency, reduced operational overhead, and pre-configured applications, zero-touch deployment can save businesses money in several ways. First, it can allow businesses to completely automate the deployment process, which means they don’t have to spend time on deployment tasks that could be better spent elsewhere. Deployment automation also ensures that nothing is overlooked, so there is no risk of human error. This can prevent costly errors from occurring and can make it easier to identify and address issues when they do arise. With automated deployment, businesses can make sure that every application is deployed correctly and consistently, which can save time and money in the long run.

Easy and quick to deploy updates

If any issues arise, they can be quickly identified and addressed, as the application has already been tested and verified to work as intended. This means that businesses will experience fewer problems, as there is no need to deploy the application and test it for the first time once it is in production. This saves time, resources, and money, as businesses won’t have to deal with the fallout from poor configuration and testing. Additionally, zero-touch deployment allows businesses to be confident that their applications are secure and are being deployed as expected, as they are pre-configured. This is ideal for businesses looking to guarantee the security of their applications while being confident they will work as intended.

Reduces the chance for human error

By employing an automated process to configure and launch applications, the security settings are preset. This eliminates the chance for any kind of human mistakes. This not only safeguards the applications but also ensures that they are deployed in a way consistent with expectations. This way, businesses can protect confidential data and comply with regulatory standards, while also ensuring that their staff can work safely. Additionally, the automated deployment process can allow businesses to test the integrity and security of the applications before they are deployed, which can uncover potential vulnerabilities before they are used in a production environment. This can prevent malicious actors from exploiting vulnerabilities in the application while ensuring that employees are protected.

Improves productivity

When employees are confident that their applications meet specific requirements and run smoothly, they can do their jobs more efficiently, which can lead to cost savings. This can, in turn, result in higher employee satisfaction, which can lead to happier employees and greater retention, which can save businesses even more money.

Is zero-touch deployment right for my business?

If your business is expanding or taking on a hybrid/remote work model, and the quantity of devices necessary to guarantee everything keeps running efficiently is multiplying as well, employing a zero-touch deployment strategy is an easy decision. By eliminating the need for manual setup on anyone’s part, the ability to instantly send new devices to users will ensure that working from home can be fully realised without any negative impact on IT security or the user experience. Talk to the experts at Virtu who specialise in providing end-to-end technology solutions for businesses across Australia.

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